The top 10 reasons why Presonus Studio One is your perfect match

Presonus's flagship digital audio workstation Studio One has stormed the scene since its release ten years ago; frequent updates from top engineers mean that Studio One is always providing new ways to record, produce, mix and create music.

Read on for 10 reasons why Presonus Studio One has all the credentials to be your perfect match...


Presonus Studio One

1. Studio One is low-maintenance.

Studio One’s intuitive and easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality simplifies complex functions. Load effects, copy channel settings, add virtual instruments, and so much more simply by dragging and dropping. 

2. Studio One is fun in a group.

Grouping channels and creating effects buses can break your creative workflow. Studio One lets you group channels with a single mouse click. Create a bus simply by dragging and dropping. Buses and groups are easily queried so you always know what channels are routed where.

3. Studio One is creative.

Studio One has many features that will help you explore new compositional territory. The Chord Track and Harmonic Editing features allow you to experiment with new chords in both instrument and audio tracks. And the Arranger track lets you restructure your entire song with drag-and-drop. Creating a double-chorus from a single chorus is literally a matter of clicking in the arranger track and pressing ‘D’. 

Studio One Chord Selection 

4. Studio One loves music.

Sound designers and synthesists will have a lot to explore in Studio One. Extended FX Chains with parallel processing allow you to build and save custom effect sets, and you can assign multiple processors to different splits of a signal, split by frequency range or channel. Macro controls allow you to assign multiple edit parameters to a single controller simultaneously, and Multi Instruments allow you to stack multiple native and third-party plug-in instruments and play them all from a single source.

5. Studio One is accomplished. 

Studio One boasts a state-of-the-art audio engine, 41 incredible native effects and 5 powerful instruments. Furthermore, Studio One’s mix engine FX allows you to cross-process your channels collectively—allowing for realistic vintage-inspired analog console emulation to glue your mixes together. Melodyne brings you state-of-the-art pitch and timing correction.

6. Studio One is flexible.

Because Studio One combines both traditional linear and pattern-based workflows, it can be enjoyed by both traditional “tape-style” recordists and contemporary pattern and loop-based producers. Both of these workflows are organically integrated into Studio One, so you don’t need to choose one over the other. Use both. Try new things.

7. Studio One likes all your friends.

Studio One supports all standard plug-in formats including VST2, VST3, and AudioUnit, so you can use all your existing plug-ins and instruments. There’s also tight integration with Notion, and AAF support allows you to share your project files with users of other DAWs. Pipeline lets you integrate your boutique vintage hardware with the simplicity of a software plug-in. Furthermore, you can use ReWire to sync Studio One with other DAWs. And when your track is complete, you can release it to SoundCloud without ever leaving Studio One.

8. Studio One wants you to achieve your goals.

Studio One is the only DAW with a complete mastering solution built-in. From Studio One’s Project page you can manage your album’s track sequencing, adjust for consistent loudness, and apply EQ (or any other effect) to your entire project without every rendering a single Studio One session. Red Book CD burning and DDP import/export are also supported. You also get K-System and loudness metering.

Presonus Studio One Mixer GUI


9. Studio One is always working on self-improvement.

Studio One’s frequent incremental feature updates are free, and adds new downloadable content on nearly a weekly basis. You can get loops, samples, synth presets, and deep instruments for Presence XT. But the shop also offers feature enhancements like the Presence XT editor or CTC-1 Pro Console Shaper that add rich new functionality to Studio One.

10. Studio One is the ultimate cheap date.

Crossgrade from your existing DAW to Presonus Studio One and save £90!