Accusonus Drumatom Bundle

Bundle containing both of Accusonus' Drumatom effects plugins.

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This bundle combines both of Accusonus' Drumatom effects-plugins giving you everything you need to fix troublesome drum bleed when recording live drums.

Here are the two products you can expect to find in the bundle:

Accusonus Drumatom

Accusonus Drumatom

Microphone bleed is the number one problem for any engineer who regularly records drums. It’s the biggest obstacle between producers and the sound of their dreams. Drumatom enables engineers to reduce or completely eliminate drum bleed, in a way that no other hardware or software can do. For example, have you ever wished you could remove hi-hat leakage from the snare track?

You can do that with Drumatom, not only during pauses but during exact snare hits as well. Drumatom also allows for flawless leakage reduction in all close microphones, resulting in a natural and open sound. Even a subtle amount of the "Drumatom effect" can free up considerable amounts of headroom for the rest of your tracks.

In addition, by removing leakage from the drum channels you can experiment with your mixing tools (EQs, Compressors, etc) without limitations, until you create the drum sound of your dreams! Click here to view the full product page

Accusonus Drumatom Player

Accusonus Drumatom Player

Drumatom is the world's first microphone leakage suppression tool! Taking advantage of the underlying, patent-pending a3 technology, you can adjust drum bleed according to your musical taste and dramatically improve the drum sound in your mix. Drumatom works offline, since the entire drum multi-track is needed in order to fuel the machine learning engine and separate leakage from the useful signal.

However, adjusting leakage inside the DAW is now possible with drumatom Player. This virtual instrument reads the drumatom .dls files and gives you the option to control drum bleed inside the DAW session. The Player allows for monitoring drumatom processing while listening to the complete mix and opens new creative possibilities.

The amount of drum leakage is at your hands: you can adjust it easily and quickly in the same time with your Compression and EQ settings. Drumatom player gives you an unprecedented flexibility to put your personal touch in the drum sound and differentiate yourself as a producer. Click here to view the full product page

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"Drumatom is an innovative product that does represent a genuine advance over existing technology. Ιt can make a significant difference to the ‘mixability’ of most multi-miked drum recordings." - Sound On Sound

"Drumatom is an incredible problem-solver for anyone working with real drums." - Computer Music

"In and out, it takes a second to get it all sorted and it delivers... Drumatom is a no brainer." - Pro Tools Expert

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