Accusonus Drumatom Player

The world's first microphone leakage suppression tool.

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Accusonus Drumatom is the world's first microphone leakage suppression tool! Taking advantage of the underlying, patent-pending a3 technology, you can adjust drum bleed according to your musical taste and dramatically improve the drum sound in your mix.

Drumatom works offline since the entire drum multi-track is needed in order to fuel the machine learning engine and separate leakage from the useful signal. However, adjusting leakage inside the DAW is now possible with Drumatom Player. This virtual instrument reads the Drumatom .dls files and gives you the option to control drum bleed inside the DAW session.

The Player allows for monitoring Drumatom processing while listening to the complete mix and opens new creative possibilities. The amount of drum leakage is at your hands: you can adjust it easily and quickly at the same time as your Compression and EQ settings. Drumatom player gives you an unprecedented flexibility to put your personal touch in the drum sound and differentiate yourself as a producer.

In-DAW leakage adjustment

Dial in drum leakage just like every other parameter in your mix.

Automate drumatom player parameters

Adjust leakage following a drummer's performance.

Global Focus and Fine Tune

Adjust leakage simultaneously in all your drum tracks.

Flexible routing

Route drumatom player outputs to any available DAW channel.

"Drumatom is the ultimate tool for cleaning up live drums. If you're mixing live drums, you need drumatom!" - Richard Chycki

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Press Quotes

"Drumatom is an absolutely essential tool for anyone looking to add punch and clarity to their recorded drum performances...A real game changer. Bravo guys!!!" - Stephen Evetts

"I love drumatom. Just being able to get rid of cymbal and hi-hat bleed from the snare drum track is worth the price of admission alone. Now that many of my mix projects are coming from self produced bands, drumatom is pretty essential for getting drum sounds quickly." - Chris Shaw

"Sometimes you find something that completely blows your mind and change the way you work forever. I can recall the first time I used a DAW, guitar simulator, and a digital mixing desk. I have another first and it's called drumatom. I've changed the way I mix drums and I love it!" - Jocke Skog

Tech Specs

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Effects Plugin

Product Specs:


  • OSX Version 10.9.0 or later
  • Formats: AU (32.64 bit), VST (32/64-bit), AAX Native (64 bit), RTAS


  • Version 7 SP1 or later
  • Formats: VST (32/64 bit), AAX Native (64 bit)