Accusonus ERA Bundle Standard

Contains 6 of Accusonus' best-selling 'ERA' series effects plugins

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The Standard version of the Accusonus ERA Bundle contains 6 of Accusonus' best-selling 'ERA' series effects plugins. Between them you'll have everything you need to de-noise, de-reverb, de-ess, remove plosives and level voices with just the turn of a couple of dials.

Here are the plugins you can expect to find in the Accusonus ERA Bundle (Standard Version):

Noise Remover

A simple and elegant solution for instant de-noising. The ERA Noise Remover automatically estimates the noise profile and allows you to adjust background noise. From fan and HVAC noise to electric interference (such as hum and hiss), you only need a single knob. The ERA algorithm is multi-patented and therefore unique compared compared to anything you've heard before.

Reverb Remover

Although artificial reverb adds depth and richness to the sound, poor room acoustics can make your recordings sound distant and hollow. The ERA Reverb Remover automatically estimates the reverberation profile and allows you to adjust the amount of recorded in a streamlined interface. Whether you want to repair location recordings or tighten music performances, the ERA Reverb Remover is your new secret weapon.


Harsh sibilance may affect your voice/vocal tracks even when you use the best recording equipment. Use the ERA De-Esser to instantly smooth out the harsh ess-es from your recordings. The ERA De-Esser performs transparent processing in the frequency domain and is also great for other material such as hissing cymbals or even full mixes.

Plosive Remover

Loud plosives are a complex type of distortion and removing them manually can be an extremely time-consuming task. The ERA Plosive Remover automatically takes care of the problem, allowing you to polish your vocals with the turn of a single dial.

Voice Leveler ERA Voice Leveler irons out grain inconsistencies which are common in both audio and video recordings. They often happen as a result of intentional or unintentional speaker movement, non-ideal microphone positioning or heavy audio & video editing. Use this single-knob plugin to save yourself from hours of manual gain adjustments.

De-Clipper BETA

The ​ERA De-Clipper is the world’s first fully automatic de-clipping software. It restores saturated audio segments and improves the overall signal quality. You don't have to mess with threshold adjustment anymore, as ERA De-Clipper ​automatically detects clipped parts and tunes the thresholds for you. You just have to select between Mode 1 (for standard use) and Mode 2 (for trickier cases). Repair your clipped audio in seconds with the new ERA De-Clipper.

ERA Bundle Comparison Chart

Noise RemoverYESYES
Reverb Remover YES YES
De-Esser YES YES
Plosive Remover YESYES 
Voice LevelerYESYES

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"With one knob and just a couple settings, it allows you to get really great results, really quickly." - Studio One Expert

"A very powerful plug-in for cleaning up reverberant dialogue." - Pro Tools Expert

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