Accusonus Regroover Pro

Discover the magic inside your loops and give them a whole new purpose with Accusonus Regroover.

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Discover the magic inside your drum loops which you’ve wanted to extract for years. Create new sounds from old or simply adjust the volume of individual elements inside a loop. Accusonus Regroover uses Artificial-Intelligence to extract layers from within your previously recorded beats and samples. Once Regroover analyses the audio file, you are able to make your own drum kits and combine external sounds to make new beats, loops and your own unique Expansion Kits.

Use Regroover to:

  • Unmix your loops into distinct sound layers.
  • Get previously unreachable sounds from inside your loops.
  • Craft the isolated beat elements and form your unique rhythmic signature.

Regroover Pro Exclusive Features:

  • Grab that magic kick, snare or clap and place it on its own trigger pad.
  • Or Build your own Expansion Kit with any element inside your loop which makes for rapid-fire MIDI triggering of samples to make new beats and grooves.
  • Create Regroover Projects with both external and found sounds from inside your loops.

Who's It For?

Regroover is for music producers, beatmakers and DJs who use sampling, drum programming, and beat slicing to remix and compose.

Unmix your loops and create new beats and music

Grab the live vibe of an isolated hi-hat pattern or extract that punchy snare you always wanted. Regroove your old sound libraries and produce astonishingly-fresh tunes.

Play or program the sounds from inside your loops to produce entirely new rhythms and grooves

Use Regroover's MIDI functionality to create inspired beat variations you can remix on the spot.

Dial in the volume, panning and effects of individual layers of your mixed beats for better balance or more variety to your looped patterns

Craft the sound of individual sound components and add your favourite effects. Swap kit elements of the original groove with new ones.

Explore the A.I. capabilities and extract strange and new sonic elements for experimental grooves and soundscapes

Play around with the A.I. engine and obtain new, previously unheard sounds. Reveal and capture the underlying micro-rhythms and hidden tempo patterns of each audio clip.


SPLIT ENGINE Split (unmix) audio loops into distinct layers  YES   YES
Refine split results with custom annotations  YES    YES
LAYERS' TAB Instant Layer remixing using snap-to-grid and loop markers   YES  YES 
Trigger your layers via MIDI and re-arrange your loops   YES  YES 
Adjust volume, pan, EQ, Gate, Compressor, Stereo Enhancer to any layer   YES   YES
Load and play expansion kits   YES  YES 
Extract any sample or loop via simple drag and drop    YES 
Extract your beat variations (patterns) as audio files    YES 
Use multiple pattern lengths to create new straight beats or polyrhythms    YES
Unique Transient Shaper optimized for beat processing     YES
Analog-inspired saturator for all layers     YES
Apply external effects with multi-channel output     YES
EDITOR'S TAB Extract sounds from Layers and drag them to their own trigger pads     YES
Edit extracted sounds via the expansion kit mixer and effects     YES
Load external sounds to enrich your expansion kits     YES
Save expansion kits and create self-contained Regroover projects     YES

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Customer Reviews


Press Quotes

"Regroover provides a creative workbench on which to program interesting kick-free percussion lines and variations on dense melodic parts, and indulge in experimental groove design. Just bunging samples in and firing MIDI at them quickly becomes addictive." - Computer Music

"Groove Intelligence. For producers and DJs who use sampling and beat slicing to remix and compose, this looks like the next logical step, allowing you to manipulate not just chunks of the whole file but elements within it too." - Sound On Sound

"Regroover is a fantastic product to help chew up and spit out less boring looped material. Being able to split the sound into different elements is useful, and adding a computer algorithm means it often splits the sound differently to how you as a human would, sometimes with fantastic results." - Ask Audio Mag

Tech Specs

Product Type:

Effects Plugin

Product Specs:


  • Versions 10.8.5 or later (64-bit)
  • AU (32/64-bit), VST (32/64-bit) and AAX (64-bit)
  • RAM: 2GB (4+ GB recommended)
  • Monitor: 1280-by-800 resolution or higher
  • Hard Disk space: 250MB


  • Versions 7 SP1 or later
  • VST (32/64-bit) and AAX (64-bit)
  • RAM: 2GB (4+ GB recommended)
  • Monitor: 1280-by-800 resolution or higher
  • Hard Disk space: 250MB