ARIA Sounds Aurora Choir

An elegant and powerful choir sample library for Kontakt

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ARIA Sounds Aurora Choir is an elegant and powerful choir sample library that features both Sopranos and Alto voices, 24 different syllables and 4 true legato modes. Its very impressive, big natural sound makes it perfect for all types of film and trailer music, video game scores as well as classical orchestral writing.


11GB Of Incredibly Elegant & Powerful Women’s Choirs For Kontakt!

Aurora Choir contains both Sopranos and Altos (separate instruments for maximum control) and has an absolutely stunning legato tone. In addition, it has 24 short syllables, arranged into a very conveniently playable sequencer. Simple arrange your phrase in the sequence, and play away - the choir will automatically sing the syllables you enter.

ARIA Sounds Aurora Choir key features: 

  • 11GB of Content (22GB Required for installation process)
  • Recorded in a mid sized hall, for a pristine and clear sound
  • All audio is in 24bit/48KHz .wav format files
  • Four Mic Positions
  • Four True Legato Modes sampled at multiple dynamic layers.
  • 24 different syllables sampled at three dynamic layers + Sequencer
  • Perfect for all types of TV, Film and Trailer Music as well as Classical Orchestral writing!

Beautiful Sounding Sopranos & Altos With 3 Distinct Playable Modes!

“Aurora Choir” comes 3 distinct playable modes:

  • True Legato Syllables
  • Polyphonic Mode
  • Syllable Shorts Mode

True Legato Syllable mode allows you to play “aah“, “eeh“, “ih” or “oh” in true legato (sampled with two dynamics), providing 8 full sets of legato intervals – perfect for realism and variety.

Polyphonic mode allows you to play full chords in unison. The dynamics for both this and the true legato modes are controlled by the modulation wheel (CC1).

Also included is the Syllable Shorts mode, allowing you to play twenty four different syllable shorts, each of which has three dynamic layers, sequence-able in the GUI, giving a total of 72 variations per short note.


Create Your Own Epic Phrases With The Easy-To-Use Built In Sequencer!

The sequencer section allows for the creation of extremely realistic and powerful spoken lines, with the 24 included syllables. You can also control the speed or “tightness” of the sequence, so you can make it sound more loose and drawn out, or very quick/urgent/powerful/epic…

The default sequence spells out the “Dies Irae” text, but you can easily customise or completely change this.

Simply click on any syllable, and select a different one from the 24 options on the drop down menu that opens. Each syllable was recorded at three dynamics, which respond to velocity.

The low G# (in yellow) can be used to reset the sequence to the beginning, in case you don’t want to use all twenty four steps every time, allowing for even greater variation.


Customise Your Sound – 4 Mic Positions In Pristine 48Khz/24 bit Quality!

The choir was recorded in a mid sized hall, for a pristine and clear sound, using four mic positions at 48kHz/24 Bit to ensure that no part of the vocalists’ glorious sound was lost.

A variety of mics were used, including Neumanns, DPA’s & Coles 4038 mics. Choose from each of these, or create your own personal blend from the four available positions (closeribbonmid & far).

The positions are ordered from closest to furthest, and you even have the option between close condenser mics, and close ribbon mics (for a darker and warmer sound).

If an even more reverberant sound is what you are after, there is a reverb slider on the interface, and you’ll also be pleased to know that this library takes external reverb very well.


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"Aurora Choir is a great sounding Choir that just works. The library is so easy to use." - Sample Library Review

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  • The full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above is required to run this software.