Ask Video iZotope RX 6 Musicians Toolbox Tutorial

An in-action course from audio expert and musician Matt Hepworth

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iZotope RX 6 has the power to clean up and restore practically any recording. It is the perfect tool to use when you captured that “magical” take… in a less than magical recording situation! But how exactly do you use this arsenal of audio repair tools? Fear not, Matt Hepworth is here to show you the way!

Matt starts by looking at all the basics, where you learn how to adjust the audio settings, how to load and save files, and how to navigate RX’s interface. The rest of the course is divided into musically relevant sections to help you quickly correct common audio problems with vocals, guitar, bass, drums and even vinyl. With lots of practical examples, Matt explains exactly how to fix plosives, sibilance sounds, unwanted mouth noises, AC hum, squeaky kick drum pedals, vinyl scratches, analog tape hiss, phasing issues, and a lot more!

So join Matt Hepworth in this hands-on course, and learn how to harness the power of iZotope RX 6, and transform your imperfect audio into pristine recordings!

Chapter Listings

1: RX Basics

1. Introduction
2. Exploring the Interface
3. Making Selections
4. Transport and Zooming
5. Loading & Saving Files

2: Vocal Repairs

6. Voice De-noise Module, Adaptive
7. Voice De-noise Module, Learn
8. De-plosive Module
9. De-ess Module
10. Mouth De-click Module
11. Breath Control Module

3: Guitar & Bass Repairs

12. Removing Guitar Amp Hiss
13. Removing AC Hum

4: Drum Repairs

14. Fixing a Squeaky Bass Drum Pedal
15. Multitrack Drum Repairs

5: Analog Repairs

16. Vinyl Buzzing
17. Vinyl Scratches
18. Analog Tape Repairs

6: Home Recording Processes

19. De-clip Module
20. Time & Pitch Shifting

7: Utilities

21. Commonly Used Utilities
22. Using Third-Party Plugins
23. Batch Processor
24. Measurements

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