Best Service NADA Meditation and New Age Sounds

Virtual Instrument for Meditation and New Age sounds by Eduardo Tarilonte

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Best Service NADA is a virtual instrument from the great Eduardo Tarilonte crafted for soothing Meditation, New Age, and Relaxation Music. In NADA you will find inspiring instruments such as Strings, Winds, Percussions, Pianos, Eternal Sounding Bowls, Glasses and Bells. NADA also provides you with mesmerising overtone singing voices and an alluring and charming female solo voice along with this a deep, peaceful, and warm meditation pads.


Best Service NADA offers over 440 sounds built from over 9,000 samples. The library contains an array of different instruments which are perfectly suited for meditation and new age music. All the instruments from NADA have been sampled keeping simplicity and usability in mind. Whilst at the same time the raw and authentic beauty of the instruments, recorded with true legato, endless loop and control capabilities from samplers to make for an inspiring source of sounds at your fingertips. 

NADA Instruments...


  • Plucked: Eastern Harp Ensemble, Japanese Koto and Indian Tanpura Drones Bowed: Ethnic Violin, Classical Violin and Viola da Gamba.


  • Bamboo Flute, Indian Low Bansuri, Concert Alto Flute, Concert Flute, Cornett, Chinese Dizi, Duduk, Eastern Double Reed, English Flagelote High, English Flagelote Low, Chinese Hulusi, Panpipes, Shakuhachi, Small Wooden Flute and Wooden Flute.

Some of these instruments such as Bansuri, Dizi, Hulusi, and Shakuhachi, have up to 11 phrases available per note that can be blended to create a sustained note with the Ornaments slider. 


  • Pitched: Balafon, Crotales, Crystal Singing Bowls, Dream Bells, Glasses, Kalimba, Music Box, Meditation Bells, Meditation Crystal Bowls, Meditation Tibetan Bowls, Temple Bells, Tibetan Bells, Tibetan Singing Bowls.
  • Unpitched: Cymbal, Ghatam, Planet Gong, Hand Sleigh Bell, Metal Plate, Rainstick, Tabla(Baya and Daya), Tibetan Finger Bells and Wind Chimes.


NADA contains a variety of piano sounds. Ranging from digital and dreamy pianos to a stunning upright
piano called White Piano.

  • Digital Piano: Digital piano sounds from a variety of sources to create soft, dreamy and
    gentle atmospheres.
  • White Piano: An upright piano with a beautiful tone. Recorded with close
    microphones to get an intimate feeling and a dreamy new age touch with the built in


NADA contains several voice sounds split in two categories: Real and Synth. Real Voices include male overtone singing voices and a beautiful ethereal female solo voice. Synth voices inlclude different synthesized voices, from solo to choir.

Real Voices

  • Overtone Singing: Overtone singing is an ancient practice. This technique produces
    two or more vocal sounds at the same time. The second flute-like tone, sounds about
    two octaves above the normal voice.
  • Voice of Silence: Alluring and charming ethereal female voice with true legato and
    around 300 phrases in different pitches.

Synth Voices

  • Crystal Voices: Alluring and fascinating ethereal female synth voice with 5 vowels.
  • Meditation Choir: Soft and peaceful choral synth voices with 5 vowels and closed mouth.
  • Sacred Choir: Mystical choral synth voices with 5 vowels and closed mouth. Separated in male and female sections.
  • Voices of Eternity: Grand and deep yet ethereal synth voices.
  • Voices of Light: Clear and deep ethereal synth voices.

Meditation Pads

This instrument collection is complemented by delicate Ambient Soundscapes, to create deep and reassuring atmospheres using complex sound textures. These textures consist of several elements which can be adjusted in level and panning to your liking in the mix page of the Engine. In total NADA offers 16 different categories of Ambient Soundscapes featuring various subcategories.

The Recordings

NADA is fully compatible with other libraries by Eduardo Tarilonte since it has been recorded by Jorge Calderón Muriel in the Eldana Studio in Spain, using highest quality equipment such as the Kahayan 4K7 microphone and 12K72 preamp. The instruments have been close mic’ed in order to capture all details and to provide a direct sound experience which can be flexibly edited and shaped in all directions by external tools.

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Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

"Nada is a lush library of spacious and mellow sounds based on expertly sampled acoustic instruments and exquisite sound design." Adam Crute (MusicTech)

"This has undoubtedly been a labour of love for Eduardo Tarilonte, and the passion shines throughout. It might be niche, but it is absolutely top-quality niche." - John Walden (Sound On Sound)  

"We really like this package it hits the mark sonically, offers plenty and is great fun to use." - Computer Music

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Virtual Instrument

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System Requirements 

Requires Engine Version 2.6.1