Big Fish Audio Cinematic Motion

Cinematic Pulses, Rhythmic Sequences, Soundscapes, Atmospheres and Textures

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Big Fish Audio Cinematic Motion is a massive collection for Film Composing, Video Games, Sound Design, Documentaries, Media Trailers, Commercials, and Contemporary Cinematic and Ambient Songwriting.

Inspired by soundtracks and composers like Hans Zimmer, Cliff Martinez, James Newton Howard, Thomas Newman, Gravity, Oblivion, Solaris, Dark Knight, Inception, Traffic and many others; Cinematic Motion gives you freedom to create instant cinematic moods, atmospheres and dramatic textures in seconds!

Cinematic Motion includes Soundscapes, Rhythmic Pulses, Sequenced Synths, Cinematic Percussion, SFX, Brass Synth, Strings and Orchestral Layers, Ambiences, Drones, Pianos, Pads, and so many more; giving you the freedom to simply use one layer of the instrument by itself or increase the depth, complexity and beauty by adding additional complimentary instrument parts.

Whether your needing some monstrous cinematic pulses to add life to your TV and Film trailers, a lush ambient soundscape to add just the right emotion to your documentary or edgy rhythmic synths to take your video game and multimedia projects over the top; Let the Cinematic and Ambient power of Cinematic Motion spark your creative flames and inject your projects with the raw emotion of today's hottest Cinematic Soundscapes.

As well as being available as a multi-format download, Cinematic Motion is also a part of Big Fish Audio's KLI Series and includes a custom user interface with various features to help make it easier to customize the included loops and sounds exactly how you want. You'll find all loops automatically sync to your host tempo. Each loop is presented in three different ways.

First, with the "Kit Combos" you'll find each loop as part of a complete construction kit laid out across the keyboard for easy and quick arrangements.

Second, in the "Single Instruments" you'll find the various instruments grouped together; giving you the option of having the construction kits content in just a few instruments.

Third, each loop has its own patch in the "Sliced Loops" section with our custom loop editing interface. Rearrange, remix, or completely rework each loop to fit with your music exactly how you want.

Finally, Big Fish have included a demo section for quick auditioning of the entire library.


  • 2.7 GB
  • 321 Total Kontakt Patches
  • 12 Kit Combos
  • 12 Kit Combos Masters
  • 10 Single Instruments Patches
  • 287 Sliced Loops


  • 6.6 GB of Total Content
  • Total Files: 978 (WAV, REX and Apple Loops)
  • Acidized WAV: 2.7 GB (299 Files)
  • Apple Loops: 2.7 GB (299 Files)
  • REX: 1.2 GB (380 Files)
  • 12 DAW Sessions (Formatted for Logic, ProTools, Cubase and OMF)


  • Sequence (41 Audio Files)
  • Pulse (27 Audio Files)
  • Ambience (34 Audio Files)
  • Drone (58 Audio Files)
  • SFX (58 Audio Files)
  • Strings and Orchestra (19 Audio Files)
  • Synth (13 Audio Files)
  • Horns (5 Audio Files)
  • Pad (14 Audio Files)
  • Piano (18 Audio Files)


Download Size (RAR files):

  • Part 1: 953 MB
  • Part 2: 831 MB

Expanded Size: 2.76 GB



Download Size (RAR files):

  • Parts 1 - 4: 953 MB each
  • Part 5: 825 MB

Expanded Size: 6.61 GB



Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

"3.5* - Cinematic motion is reasonably priced and some of the elements should have a decent shelf-life.  Kudos too for a large percentage of the assorted ambient mush and processed textures; these could be dropped into many scenarios ‘as is’ to end your productions an instant touch of class." - Sound on Sound

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Sample Library


  • Acid
  • Apple loops
  • Kontakt files
  • Rex
  • Rmx
  • Wav