Big Fish Audio Epic Drums II

2nd collection of high-energy, cinematic drum and rhythm beds featuring loops, one-shots and extended performances

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Big Fish Audio and FUNK/SOUL PRODUCTIONS brings you a 2nd collection of high-energy, cinematic drum and rhythm beds played by top-knotch percussionists.

Featuring loops, one-shots and extended performances of an even wider array of percussion instruments, from huge Chinese kang gu to Chinese kettle drums, battle drums, gongs, cymbals, tank drums, waterphone, massive toms and metals.

Plus, there's a bonus folder of sound design elements, such as: monster-hits, risers, impacts, drum and cymbal rolls, and special effects.

Choose from either the multi-formatted WAV, REX, Apple Loop, and RMX version, or the custom Kontakt version.

The Kontakt version of Epic Drums II includes patches of each construction kit, allowing for quick and easy arrangements of the parts. In addition there are "sliced loops" patches which lay out each individual slice of a loop on the keys to create new and original custom parts. Finally, the Kontakt version contains various patches of multi-samples to help you supplement the loops from this library.

You'll find patches of drum rolls, percussion fx, risers, low frequency hits, as well as a number of "one-shots" of many of the instruments in this library to help you create custom parts, fills, and endings. All in all, we're sure you'll agree that Epic Drums II is the new standard for drums and percussion for the modern film score.

Big Fish Custom Kontakt Loop Interface

Kontakt Version Information

  • 1,348 Kontakt Patches
  • Kit Combos - 38 patches are included in the Kit Combos section. Each patch contains each loop from that construction kit to create quick and easy arrangements. Loops start at C0 on the keyboard
  • Multi Sample Patches - There are 37 different patches of various instrument multi samples and percussion sound fx menus.
    Sliced Loops - Each loop from the product has been given it´s own patch and can be edited extensively using the "loop fx" interface.

Multi-Format Version Information

  • 5 GB of 24-bit original WAV files
  • 1,317 original loops
  • 518 one-shot samples
  • 38 construction kits

Instruments Include:

  • 18" Toms
  • Bamboo Sticks
  • Bass Drums
  • Battle Drums
  • Big Ensembles
  • Bongos
  • Chappas
  • Chinese Kettle Drums
  • Darbukas
  • Dholaks
  • Djembes
  • Frame Drums
  • Gongs
  • Hi-Hats
  • Roto Toms
  • Big Toms
  • Claps
  • Concert Toms
  • Crashes
  • Gu Zheng
  • Kang Gu Ensemble
  • Metal Strikes
  • Occarina
  • Quicas
  • Ride Cymbals
  • Rims
  • Shakers
  • Snares
  • Sticks
  • Tank Drums
  • Tablas
  • Taikos
  • Tambourines
  • Thunder Tube
  • Timpani
  • Temple Blocks
  • Tibetan Bowls
  • Timpanis
  • Udus
  • Vocals
  • Waterphones
  • Wood Flutes
  • Yiu Gu
  • Zither


Download Size (RAR files):

  • Parts 1 - 5:  953 MB each
  • Part 6:  128 MB



Download Size (zipped files):

  • Apple Loops Part 1:  1.7 GB
  • Apple Loops Part 2:  1.8 GB
  • Rex:  2.1 GB
  • Wav Part 1:  1.7 GB
  • Wav Part 2:  1.9 GB
  • Bonus:  313 MB

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Product Type:

Sample Library


  • Acid
  • Apple loops
  • Kontakt files
  • Rex
  • Rmx
  • Wav