Big Fish Audio Hip Hop Drum Pak

Phat drum hits for your Hip Hop productions

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A necessity for any hip hop producer is a quality collection of drum hits. That's why we've provided you with the Hip Hop Drum Pak. Foundational for any style of hip hop production, this is a great set to start your collection or fill out the library of drum sounds you've been working on for some time.

The basic essentials in this assortment consists of deep and punchy kicks, snappy and crispy snares, sizzling and sexy hats. Then we round it out with claps, percussion, shakers, crashes, toms, and a large menu of reversed hits. This product also comes with preset patches in 7 different formats.

Open up a "menu" to find the perfect drum hit you are looking for, or open up one of the 25 different pre-made kits for instant inspiration. Whatever your use for the Hip Hop Drum Pak may be, we are sure you'll find it a valuable asset when quality and professional hip hop beats are needed.

  • 87.8 MB of hip hop drum hits
  • 560 total hip hop drum hits

All patches have been duplicated in these 7 formats:

  • Kontakt 2 (requires Kontakt 2.0 or later)
  • EXS24
  • Halion 3 (requires Halion 3.0 or later)
  • Battery 3 (requires Battery 3.0 or later)
  • MachFive 2 (requires MachFive 2.0 or later)
  • NN-XT (Reason)
  • REDRUM (Reason)


9 folders of drums hits including reversed sounds which include 6 sub-folders of samples:

  • 125 kicks
  • 79 snares
  • 61 hi-hats
  • 28 claps
  • 66 percussion
  • 24 shakers
  • 22 crashes
  • 23 toms
  • 25 reverse crashes
  • 23 reverse hats
  • 20 reverse kicks
  • 18 reverse percussion
  • 15 reverse shakers
  • 32 reverse snares

25 preset drum kit patches
15 drum hit menu patches (which coincide with the list above)

Download Size (zipped file):

  • 52 MB

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Tech Specs

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Sample Library


  • Exs24
  • Halion
  • Kontakt files
  • Wav
  • Nnxt
  • Mach5
  • Battery

Product Specs: