Big Fish Audio John Cage Prepared Piano

Using John Cage's original materials and following his precise instructions

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The original prepared piano and the only samples ever to be authorized by the estate of world-renown composer, John Cage. This particular collection of sounds was created for use in his magnum opus composition, Sonatas & Interludes (February 1946-March 1948).

Using his original materials and following the precise instructions found at the head of his published score, various "mutes" were inserted between the strings of the keys, then each note pristinely recorded and programmed to bring you the instrument as Cage himself both envisioned and performed.

Forty-five of the piano's eighty-eight keys were prepared, eleven with double preparations; three dynamic levels in five articulations comprise a total of 1,320 samples.

This landmark achievement makes an authentic prepared piano, and by extension the works of John Cage, available to sampler owners in one of the most unique virtual instruments ever created.

Content Details:

Cage Piano:
Cage Nat
Cage Stac
Cage SusSw
Cage Detuned
Cage Nat Dec
Cage Bell Tone
Cage Sus Pedal
Cage Nat Dec Trem
Cage Stac Trem
Cage Sus Pedal Trem
Cage Detuned Trem
Cage Nat Dec F
Cage Nat Dec MF
Cage Nat Dec P
Cage Detuned/Bell Tone ModLayer
Cage Soft Pedal:
Cage Sft
Cage Sft Stac
Cage Sft SusSw
Cage Sft Detuned
Cage Sft Bell Tone
Cage Sft Trem
Cage Sft Stac Trem
Cage Sft SusSw Trem
Cage Sft Detuned Trem
Cage Sft Bell Tone Trem
Cage Sft F
Cage Sft MF
Cage Sft P
Cage Sft Detuned/Bell Tone ModLayer

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"10 out of 10 ...this is the first time a sampled piano has scored a perfect 10 by us. Do I need to say more?" - Interface Magazine

"If you're a fan of John Cage or you've ever wanted to experiment with 'prepared' piano, this library is the ultimate resource." - Electronic Musician

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  • Exs24
  • Halion
  • Kontakt files
  • Wav
  • Mach5

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