Big Fish Audio Motion Pop, Dance & Electronica

Perfect choice for music creation where you need to some groove.

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Big Fish Audio introduce Motion Pop, Dance & Electronica.

This massive 16 GB collection (6.8 GB of 24-bit WAV files) of Pop, Dance and Electronica is a celebration of artists like Ellie Goulding, Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, Calvin Harris, Owl City, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Sara Bareilles, Lady Gaga, and many others! Motion is the perfect choice for TV Tracks, Commercials, Pop Songwriting, Dance and Electronic Tracks, Video Games, Sound Design and any music creation where you need to some groove.

Motion contains 15 Massive Kits with instruments including Drum Tracks (Drums A, B and C), Drum Elements (Kick, Snare, Hat, Toms, Cymbals and more) Percussion (Claps, Shaker, Tambourine and more) Bass, Synths, Pianos, Pads, Leads and many more. As part of the Textured Series, each and every kit also contains multiple song sections (Verse, Chorus, Bridge/Breakdown, Turnaround, Outro and many more) allowing for virtually unlimited options; giving you everything you need to tweak to your heart's content.

Motion contains three different Drum Tracks (Drums A, B and C) for every for each and every kit in the entire library allowing you to mix n match, remix and adjust anyway you like it. Motion contains both Drum and Percussion Elements (Kick, Snare, Hat, Toms, Cymbals, Room, Claps, Shaker, Tambourine and Low) for each kit allowing you to add creative dynamics and build it up or break it down however you see fit.

Available in a Kontakt KLI version or Multi-format version. Motion also contains 15 DAW Sessions for each and every kit in the library in multiple formats; giving you the freedom to create quickly and easily.


  • 6.7 GB of content
  • 1311 Total Kontakt Patches
  • 15 Drum Elements (16 Kontakt Patches)
  • 15 Kit Combos (46 Kontakt Patches)
  • 15 Kit Combos Masters
  • 19 Single Instruments Patches
  • 1215 Sliced Loops

Motion Kontakt version is part of our KLI Series and includes a custom user interface with various features to help make it easier to customize the included loops and sounds exactly how you want. You'll find all loops automatically sync to your host tempo. Each loop is presented in three different ways.

First, with the "Kit Combos" and “Kit Combos Masters” you'll find each loop as part of a complete construction kit laid out across the keyboard for easy and quick arrangements.

Second, in the "Single Instruments" you'll find the various guitars grouped together; giving you the option of having the construction kits content in just a few instruments.

Third, each loop has its own patch in the "Sliced Loops" section with our custom loop editing interface. Rearrange, remix, or completely rework each loop to fit with your music exactly how you want.

Finally, we have included a demo section for quick auditioning of the entire library.


  • 16 GB of Total Content (6.8 GB of 24-bit WAV files)
  • Total files: 3874 (WAV, REX and Apple Loops)
  • Acidized WAV: 6.8 GB (1230 Files)
  • Apple Loops: 6.8 GB (1230 Files)
  • REX: 2.7 GB (1414 Files)

Instruments Include:

  • Drums (245 Audio Files)
  • Bass (79 Audio Files)
  • Chords (6 Audio Files)
  • Cloud (8 Audio Files)
  • Piano (96 Audio Files)
  • Piano Ghost (7 Audio Files)
  • Piano Rhythm (7 Audio Files)
  • Organ (7 Audio Files)
  • Porgan (8 Audio Files)
  • Metal (8 Audio Files)
  • Pad (68 Audio Files)
  • Vox Pad (6 Audio Files)
  • Synth (63 Audio Files)
  • Square Synth (8 Audio Files)
  • Synth Lead (6 Audio Files)
  • Synth Air (6 Audio Files)
  • Pulse (8 Audio Files)
  • Analogue (5 Audio Files)
  • Brasse (4 Audio Files)
  • Glue (5 Audio Files)
  • Lead (13 Audio Files)
  • Rave Lead (3 Audio Files)
  • Sequence (13 Audio Files)



  • Kick
  • Snare
  • Hat
  • Toms
  • Claps
  • Cymbal
  • Shaker
  • Tambo
  • Room
  • Low


Download Size (RAR files):

  • Part 1:  953 MB
  • Part 2:  831 MB



Download Size (RAR files):

  • Parts 1 - 9:  953 MB each
  • Part 10:  420 MB

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Tech Specs

Product Type:

Sample Library


  • Acid
  • Apple loops
  • Kontakt files
  • Rex
  • Rmx
  • Wav

Product Specs:

System Requirements

The Full version of Kontakt 4.2 or higher is required to use the KLI version of this product. It will not work with the free Kontakt player.