Big Fish Audio Punk n' Ska

Modern punk, classic punk and ska construction kits

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Lose yourself in the riptide of Punk and Ska as it tears apart the very foundations of our society and leaves us with a raw sound so fresh it hurts.

This massive 7.6 GB library (4.4 GB of 24-bit WAV files) assaults your senses with waves of pure, uncensored emotional intensity with the unadulterated sounds of legendary punk artists such as the Ramones, The Clash, and the Sex Pistols, as well as the more modern music of bands like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Green Day, Sublime, and No Doubt.

Powered by the reverberating crash of the drums and the electrifying barrage of bass and guitar, you'll be swept away in this underground movement of frenetic passion fused together for you in one arresting collection of Punk and Ska music that will bring out your inner rebel.

  • 972 WAV Loops
  • 972 Apple Loops
  • 842 REX Loops
  • 846 Multi-Track Drum Loops (WAV)
  • 7.6 GB  of material (4.4 GB of 24-bit WAV files - Including Complete Live Played Multi-Track Drums)
  • 3632 files in WAV, REX and Apple Loops (1818 WAV Loops)
  • 15 Massive Construction Kits: Each kit contains a demo mix, every element broken out with multiple song style sections and tons of variations. Complete Live Played Multi Drums of each and every kit allows you to tweak to your hearts content. You get the entire recording session, every nuance and every detail right at your fingertips.

Instruments include:

  • electric guitars
  • live horn section
  • electric bass
  • piano
  • synths
  • drums (live played, complete multi track for every kit)
  • WAV/Acid: 1.94 GB
  • Apple: 1.91 GB
  • REX: 1.11 GB
  • Multis: 1.92 GB

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  • Acid
  • Apple loops
  • Rex
  • Wav

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