Big Fish Audio Static Flux

Over 1.3 GB of Glitches, Rises, FX, and Hits

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Static Flux is a cutting edge sound design library that pushes the boundaries of what sonic creations can look like in modern cinema and music. over 1.3 GB of Glitches, Rises, FX, Stabs, Hits, Robo sounds, Cell Phone glitches, and more round out this truly unique library and make it a functional tool for anyone looking to produce for cinema and outworld/glitch EDM tracks.

  • Over 600 sound design elements
  • Over 1.35 GB of uncompressed WAV data

Instruments include:

  • Cell Phone Glitches
  • Drone FX
  • Button Hits
  • Stab Hits
  • Impulse Responses
  • Noise
  • Rises
  • Robotic FX
  • 1.18 GB

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