Big Fish Audio Symphonic Manoeuvres

Over 5 gigs of completely flexible and loopable strings, horns, and percussion

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This collection of 30 original orchestral pieces was recorded live with a professional orchestra. We've turned soaring strings, majestic horns and driving percussion into completely flexible, loopable and above all musical construction kits. Each piece is about one minute long and contains full string sections, horns, woodwinds, percussion and additional instruments like synths and guitars. Let your imagination soar! Rearrange, rework or completely mangle these kits however you like. It will take you a while to maneuver through this collection that is busting at the seams with over 5 GB of exciting car chases, tender love scenes, action packed suspense and everything in between. So whether you're scoring a film or sampling an orchestra for a hip hop track, this disc will supply you with endless hours of symphonic adventures.

  • 5.07 GB of content (2.36 GB of 24bit WAV content) 
  • 1,212 24-bit WAV/REX2/Apple Loop files (489 WAV FIles,234 REX Files and 489 Apple Loop files) 

30 Construction Kits - Each Kit contains a main mix,full orchestra mix and broken out elements. Note that not all parts have been completely broken out. Because this was recorded in an orchestral hall many of the elements were not able to be isolated and would have had a great deal of audio bleed from other instruments.Therefore we only included the broken out elements for instruments that had either no bleed or very little bleed. 

Instruments include:

  • Bass
  • Congas and Bongos
  • Cymbals
  • Drums
  • Ethnic Percussion
  • Guitar
  • Orhcestral Percussion
  • Synths
  • Toms
  • Various Percussion.
  • WAV - 1: 1.13 GB
  • WAV - 2: 1.03 GB
  • Apple Loops - 1: 1.13 GB
  • Apple Loops - 2: 1.03 GB
  • REX: 379.8 MB

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  • Apple loops
  • Rex
  • Wav

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