Big Fish Audio Symphonic Manoeuvres 2

A new inspiring collection of completely flexible orchestral loops

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Soaring strings and blasting horns, crashing percussion and airy woodwinds, Symphonic Manoeuvres 2 follows up where volume 1 left off. Complete flexibility was our goal in creating volume 2, so each section was recorded in total isolation. Whether you want to completely remix or rearrange the parts, it's all possible! 10 massive kits are included. The kits include a string section, brass section, woodwind section, percussion, piano, harp and a choir. As a bonus, we've included a section of orchestral drones, orchestral hits, stings and choir chords. Not only is each part completely isolated, but both the room mics and close mics of each section are included. Whether you need a live orchestra for a film score or you need to sample a string section for your latest pop track, Symphonic Manoeuvres 2 is what you need.

  • 6.1 GB on a dual layer DVD
  • 3.5 GB of acidized WAV files
  • 3.5 GB of Apple Loops
  • 858 acidized WAV files
  • 858 Apple Loops -10 massive construction kits: These kits have multiple keys and BPM's ranging from 80bpm to 165bpm.
  • 23 additional choir chords: Each chord is held for about 10 seconds
  • 5 orchestral drone construction kits: just as in the main construction kits each part is broken out individually. The drones are about 30 seconds long and have a moderately static melody
  • 30 orchestral hits are included: The hits folder contains stabs, swells, stings, and short clips.
  • Composed and produced by Stephan Sechi -Orchestrated and conducted by Kostas Varotsis
  • Wav: 2.46 GB
  • Apple: 2.46 GB

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