Big Fish Audio Wild West

Tex-Mex, Western and Cowboy Rock Construction Kits

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The searing heat and the loneliness of the long days spent wandering the wild west takes its toll on a man's soul. When the lines between good and bad are so heavily intoxicated by greed and whiskey, outlaws and cowboys, gunfighters and deputies; they all blur into a single storm of gunshots and booze.

This massive 8.3 GB library embodies the spirit of the Wild West with the sounds of Tex-Mex, Western, and Cowboy Rock. From classic westerns like the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and Bonanza, to the modern grit of 310 to Yuma, True Blood and Deadwood; this collection of music is wrest from the very heart of the Wild West.

When you need to channel your inner cowboy, all you have to do is saddle up to this collection and ride your tracks into the sunset. Explore Wild West and get ready for a west so wild, it will break you.

  • 8.3 GB of material (4.4 GB of 24-bit WAV files, including the live played multi-track drums)
  • 2,931 files in WAV, REX and Apple Loops (1,382 WAV Loops)
  • 10 Massive Construction kits: Each kit contains a demo mix, every element broken out with multiple songs style sections and tons of variations. Complete live played multi drums of each and every kit allows you to tweak to your hearts content. You get the entire recording session, every nuance and every detail right at your fingertips.
  • 769 WAV Loops
  • 769 Apple Loops
  • 780 REX Loops
  • 597 Multi-track drum loops (WAV)

Instruments include:

  • Electric guitars
  • Baritone guitars
  • Banjos
  • Mandolins
  • Honky tonk/saloon pianos
  • Acoustic guitars
  • Percussion (tambourines, shaker, rattles)
  • Electric bass
  • Upright bass
  • Orans
  • Farfis
  • Synths
  • Drums (live played, complete with multi-track for every kit)
  • WAV/Acid Pt1: 1.16 GB
  • WAV/Acid Pt2: 1.31 GB
  • Apple Loops Pt1: 1.15 GB
  • Apple Loops Pt2: 1.29 GB
  • REX/RMX: 1.32 GB
  • Multis: 1.39 GB

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  • Acid
  • Apple loops
  • Rex
  • Rmx
  • Wav

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