Boom Library Enforcer

Adds irresistible punch, powerful body and a rigorous low-end bass impulse to your samples

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Ever wasted your time adding sub sweeteners to every single shot of a fully automatic weapon? Ever got stuck layering a kick drum with controllable and tunable low-end or enhance live drums with well defined punch? Having a hard time adding steady weight to every single footstep? Look no further, Boom Library Enforcer is the Swiss Army Knife for punch, low-end, sub power, kick… you name it.

You can heavily beef up sounds or add only a hint of weight. You can use it as a kick-drum synth, exchange kick drum tails and tune them easily using semitones or you can completely exchange given source sounds.


  • Add power and punch to your mix

  • Triggered by source audio material – no need to manually synch it to your tracks

  • Trigger can be adjusted with surgical precision – enforce exactly and only what you want

  • Tune kick drums and snares using semitones

  • Duck source frequencies for an absolutely clean & professional mix

  • Easy-to-use bass plug-in

What can ENFORCER do?






"What can I say about Enforcer? It’s one of those plugins that if I told you what it does you still wouldn’t realize how useful it is – until you needed it! I am currently using Enforcer to add punch to the smoothed off transients of heavily saturated 808’s in Trap music mixes. Using the Trigger’s Threshold and the ‘Punch Thump’ preset you can make those subs slam and negate the need for a second kick – which is the style right now. Killer, killer processor.” – Baby Brown - Artist, Producer

I’ve been playing with the Enforcer now for a few days and it’s a tool I knew I needed, but didn’t know it existed! The way you can sculpt the sound, is powerful. The ducking compressor is a really useful touch, too. I’ve used it on a few tracks already and it just fits. The gain reduction display is very helpful, and the presets were very useful. It’s quick to dial in your own sound. Looks great, sounds great.” – Tom Player, Composer @ Lost Track Productions.  (Trailer Music: Avengers – Age Of Ultron, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Edge Of Tomorrow, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies)

I’ve been a big fan of Enforcer since the first time I’ve had the chance to play around with it. Not only is it easy to use, it’s even easier to get instant results. People who watch our trailers know how much we love great sounding hits and impacts, Enforcer does a great job of sweetening those up even further.” - David Philipp, Sound Designer @ Noiseworks (Total War: Warhammer, Injustice 2)

BOOM Library is manifesting with Enforcer a new generation plugin to push those subs, make sound effects bigger, create something new and in your face or create low-end sub sound shaking the audience. I just love the new tools that BoomLibrary is launching. First the highly rated Turbine and now with Enforcer an excellent plugin effect tool to enhance sound effects, percussion, and general low-sub tones.” – (5/5)

Download Size (zipped file):

  • 90 MB

Customer Reviews


Press Quotes

"Whether piling tuned sub frequencies onto kick drums and basses, powering up impact effects or adding weight to footsteps, gunshots, etc, it's comprehensive in it's remit and rewarding in its execution." - Computer Music 

Tech Specs

Product Type:

Effects Plugin

Product Specs:

System Requirements 

Mac System Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.9, 4 GB Ram, Intel® Core i5
  • iLok account required: Machine License activation or USB Dongle

Windows System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 (64-bit), 4 GB Ram, Intel® Core i5
  • iLok account required: Machine License activation or USB Dongle