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Software plug-in used to design realistic tyre and chassis sounds for motion picture

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Designing vehicle sounds for motion picture? Done with the engine? Let’s tackle the other 50% – tire, wheel and chassis interactions. Create highly dynamic and authentic skids, bumps, friction, rolling noise and much more with a high variety of wheel configurations, ground materials and perspectives. Customize and automate everything in real-time! Boom Library Grip will give you that edge in-vehicle sound design you need. 

What is Grip? 

GRIP is a software plug-in for your favourite DAW that is used to design tyre and chassis sounds for motion picture. This in-the-box solution will let you get the job done fast, 100% configurable, automation-ready and pretty darn fun at the same time.

With endless customisable features, you can Ramp up the speed to hear the sound evolve, Choose your vehicle type, reduce Grip to start skidding and blend surfaces and fine-tune details. 

Simply take control and drive GRIP – like TURBINE, it has been designed to feel and sound like the real thing. Record your results or plot out the perfect automation to suit your motion picture!

Authentic Recordings - GRIP comes packed with over 650MB of high-quality source recordings, prepared and ready to shape your custom, dynamic vehicle sound.

Dynamic Perspectives - Switch between an interior / outside view, change angle and distance on the fly.

Don't Edit - Be Happy - Say goodbye to meticulous sample searching, cutting, crossfading, pitch shifting and aligning – get the sound just right with a few parameter tweaks and trigger suspension impacts with the simple tap of a button.

Onboard Mixer - In addition to morphing the quality and character, you can mix and automate the intensity of each individual sound inside GRIP.

Key Features 

  • Dynamically produce vehicle wheel and chassis sounds for motion picture
  • Choose from 5 base vehicle types
  • Automate every parameter
  • Adjustable parameters:
  • Speed
  • Grip
  • Chassis intensity
  • Perspective: Interior / Exterior
  • Perspective: Angle, Distance
  • Grip / Skid Amount
  • Skid Blending
  • Skid Pitch
  • Surface Blending
  • Detail Amount
  • Mix: Rolling, Skid, Detail, Chassis, Suspension
  • Trigger Suspension impacts with a simple tap
  • Simple but powerful in-the-box solution
  • Eliminate the need for sample cutting, crossfading, pitching and aligning

Requires Hard Disk Space 1299 MB

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Tech Specs

Product Type:

Virtual Instrument

Product Specs:

System Requirements 
  • GRIP requires an audio host software. It does not work as a standalone application.

Mac System Requirements 

  • Mac OS X 10.9, 4 GB Ram, Intel® Core i5

Windows System Requirements 

  • Windows 7 (64-bit), 4 GB Ram, Intel® Core i5