Cinematique Instruments Ensemblia

The sound of a modern chamber orchestra that lets you easily write organic and truly natural music.

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Cinematique Instruments Ensemblia is the sound of a modern chamber orchestra that lets you quickly write organic and truly natural music. A selected range of classical instruments combined with a beautiful mix of unique sounds are ready for your cinematic track. You can even use it to give a sprinkling of unique spice to your pop and R’n’B tracks.

Ensemblia was built to quickly create beautiful polyphonic chamber arrangements and textures while you are just playing chords or single notes.

Ensemblia can layer up to 7 instruments at the same time and gives you quick access to a broad range of timbres and tone colours while playing. A unique voicing engine will split your notes and chords automatically into separate voices and let you individually assign them to each particular instrument.

Longs and Shorts

Ensemblia comes in two separate patches: 'longs' and 'shorts'. The instruments can be spread over seven slots - each of them provides separate mixing and editing options to allow you to compose the ensemble to meet your own requirements.

Both patches are delivered with different tabs: a master page where you can choose presets and set several global parameters, and a mixer page where you can mix and edit all seven instruments. Furthermore, the 'shorts' patch contains an additional arranger page which lets you define and build up polyphonic 16 step patterns.

The Voicing

Both patches are equipped with a voicing engine that lets you easily spread certain voices to particular instruments. While playing notes or chords, Ensemblia automatically analyses your playing and splits all incoming notes into five voices which are low – mid-low – mid – mid-high – high. You can separately assign these five voices to each instrument at your will.

The Arranger

Finally, Cinematique Instruments added the arranger. It's a powerful 16 step ostinato engine that sets the velocity, the voicing and the octave for each step and instrument separately. The arranger plays the flexible pattern using only notes and chords that you are holding down. As a result, you get versatile and inspiring musical patterns and riffs playable in all ranges and speed variations. There are no pre-recorded phrases! Optionally you can play in- or off-sync.

The complete instrument list:

Classical Instruments

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Double Bass
  • Cello
  • French Horn
  • Baritone Trombone
  • Tuba

    Mallet Instruments

  • Marimba (C2-C5)
  • Alto Glockenspiel


  • Upright Piano
  • Bowed Psaltery
  • Bowed Guitars
  • Magnus Organ
  • Shruti Box
  • EK 470mk II E-Piano
  • Saw

Customer Reviews


Press Quotes

"I can imagine media composers having an absolute blast with this, but it’s equally suited to the novice. Providing you can justify the investment, Ensemblia brings the chamber orchestra within almost anyone’s grasp. Very interesting and highly recommended." - Sound On Sound

"I have to say that I love Ensemblia and I love Cinematique Instruments! Ensemblia is THE tool when it comes to intimate organic sounding cues. Ensemblia is not going to cover a whole orchestra – this is simply not the aim! It is inspirational, sounds totally organic, and I am in love with the GUI, the sound, and the idea." -

Tech Specs

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Sample Library


  • Kontakt files

Product Specs:

Please note this product requires the full version of Kontakt 4 or higher for use.