Cinematique Instruments Luft

Based exclusively on simple aerophonic instruments includes 34 sound sources and 50 presets

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We have never heard and played such an instrument before. It sounds very organic, very lively and above all very unique. It sounds like airflow, vibration and intimacy.

But if you take a closer look at Luft and see what the original sound sources are, with which Luft assembles its sound, it's not really surprising! Luft is based exclusively on simple aerophonic instruments. They are all instruments that produce their sound through a stream of air that flows through a vibrating reed or over an opening. Summarizing: Luft consists only of airflow instruments.

There are a total of 34 individual airflow instruments, which can be divided into 6 categories: fan or pump organs, blown keyboards like harmonicas and melodicas, simple flutes and a church organ with several individual registers. But there are also other, less common sounds like a water bottle, a hand pipe, a pipe - or a nose flute or a kazou. Some sounds were resampled over an old tape machine which gives them the sound of a Mellotron which charmingly complements the overall sound palette of Luft.

The Engine

Luft consists of two sound layers A and B. Each layer allows a limitless design of the sound. You can select one of the 34 sound sources, use the EQ section, modulators and distortions to customize the sound to your needs. Finally, mix the two "layers" together and manipulate the overall sound of Luft with the modwheel - there are five different ways available.

All in all, one can say that Luft has radiated a very lush warm quality - very organic and vivid and very useful to create vibrating and pulsating ambient atmospheres and strange textures as well as distinctive and unique melody sounds.

And with over 50 presets Luft provides, you have instantly a lot of sound variations. You can see and hear all the possibilities and the wide range of sound Luft has to offer. 

In detail Luft provides the following instruments:

  • Church Organ: several register as well as tutti of a church organ from a mid-size town church in Germany
  • Fan organs: Hohner Organetta (also via tape machine recorded), Bontempi Hit Organ 1+2 and Magnus Harmonica
  • Pump organs: a vintage Swiss Harmonica, Shruti Box
  • Blowed organs: 3 different Hohner Melodica, Blues Harp
  • Flutes: orchestral flute, alto recorder (both also via tape machine recorded), 3 sizes of ocarina, panflute, noseflute and bird flute
  • Domestic Tools: broken whistling, water bottle, hand whistle, kazou

"I absolutely LOVE Luft!!!!! Its basically every interesting keyboard sound I've ever heard in modern music in a VI. It is INSPIRING and INSPIRED!"Jacob Shea

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Jacob Shea (Planet Earth I & II) says ...

"I absolutely LOVE Luft!!!!! Its basically every interesting keyboard sound I've ever heard in modern music in a VI. It is INSPIRING and INSPIRED!"

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