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Creative blending of sounds

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Cinematique Instruments Melt is a fascinating instrument which allows you to create highly complex sounds, ambiences and textures in an effortless way. You can blend between 4 of Melt's beautifully varied and inspiring sound sources and thus create unique, exciting and inspiring sounds.

Melt's sound sources come from five different areas, which are named Pure, Floating, Organic, Field Recording and Granular.

In summary it is a sophisticated arsenal of sounds and sources which provides, on the one hand, numerous sounds and instruments from Cinematique Instrument's own library such as organs, synths, e-pianos, pads and more. You also get specially processed sounds, field recordings and sounds created by granular synthesis and freeze functions.

This collection results in highly sophisticated, novel and exciting sound structures.

The main feature of Melt is the XY pad - each of the four corners can be loaded with a separate sound source/ layer, which can then be individually shaped by nine different effects such as filters, distortion, phaser, reverb and delay.

By moving the cursor inside this XY pad, MELT calculates the main sound out of this cursor position by the ratios of all four sounds and their individual effect parameters. This may all sound a bit technical and complicated, but believe us it isn't! MELT does the whole calculation for you. You can just focus on playing along and moving the cursor to meet your own requirements and thus create complex and dynamic sounds and ambiences in the twinkling of an eye. It is pure fun.

But besides 'regular' sustained playing, MELT also provides an 8-step sequencer per sound/ layer. By activating, Melt can morph sustained notes with the sequencer or even morph between 4 different kinds of sequencers types. This unusual feature can result in polyrhythmical sounds. As you can see, the possibilities of MELT are almost infinite.

Finally, Melt´s XY pad cursor motions can be recorded either as a loop within MELT or within the track of your selected DAW. Or you just let it run randomly.

Freeze Mode

If you prefer to globally shape the sound of all four sounds at the same time, just activate the Freeze button. MELT now changes to a blue look, and you are now able to control all the nine effect parameters globally for all four sound sources/ layer at once.


If you like to play around with MELT in the beginning, MELT provides over 120 "presets". Here you find a wide variety of categories and styles. Starting with simple surfaces, ambiences and textures, short and rhythmic sounds as well as organic strings sounds, experimental sound structures and complex textures are provided.

In Summary:

  • Blending between 4 sound layers via XY Pad
  • Creation of complex sound structures in a straightforward way
  • Nine sound shaping effects plus 8-step sequencer per instrument
  • Freeze Mode for global application of all nine sound shaping effects
  • Ratio table per instrument to adjust the cursor relation
    64 inspiring sound sources: 21 ambiences & textures, 16 field recordings, eight organs and electric pianos, five pure synths, ten organic sounds like guitars and four string sounds
  • Over 120 presets: Basic Sounds, Calm and Quiet, Synthetic, Organic Pieces, Ambiances, Strings, Complex Melts, Ambients, Wide and Open, Shorts, Rhythmic, Experimental

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"Melt is absolutely ingenious. Its sound sources are beautifully diverse and inspiring. The ability to blend between 4 layers makes created texturally rich material surprisingly simple and enjoyable. A must have in my book!" - Jacob Shea (Blue Planet II)

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Please note this product requires the full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher for use.

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