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Exceptional wind instruments plus a selection of ethnic woodwinds

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CineWinds PRO is comprised of entirely new orchestral woodwind sample content, and as with CineWinds CORE, it was proudly recorded at the SONY Scoring Stage and mixed by Dennis Sands. CineWinds CORE contains the standard orchestral woodwinds — piccolo, flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon. For CineWinds PRO, Cinesamples went beyond the essentials to bring you exceptional instruments, such as the alto flute and contrabassoon, as well as a comprehensive selection of ethnic woodwind instruments, performed by expert William Lyons, who sampled the exact instruments he played in many film scores, including The Hobbit by director Peter Jackson.

As with CineWinds CORE, Cinesamples assembled a team of the finest musicians and crew — they found great comfort and amazing sounds at the SONY Scoring Stage, recorded and mixed by the unparalleled engineer Dennis Sands.

The woodwinds in CineWinds PRO are covered with the same depth and nuance as the instruments in CineWinds CORE, and William Lyons gives a series of ethnic woodwinds of such expressiveness and detail rarely heard in orchestral sample libraries. The PRO expansion features twice the content of the CORE library.

Kontakt library for free Kontakt 5.3.1 Player or higher


01 Alto Flute Articulations

02 Alto Flute True Legato

03 Bass Flute Articulations

04 Bass Flute True Legato

05 English Horn Articulations

06 English Horn True Legato

07 Eb Clarinet Articulations

08 Eb Clarinet True Legato

09 Bass Clarinet Articulations

10 Bass Clarinet True Legato

11 Contrabassoon Articulations

12 Contrabassoon True Legato

13 Contra Clarinet

14 Baroque Flute

15 Border Pipes

16 Duduk [BONUS]

17 Irish Flute

18 Penny Whistle

19 Renaissance Flute

20 Renaissance Pipes

21 Soprano Recorder

22 Soprano Shawm

23 Tenor Recorder

24 Uilleann Pipes

25 Border Pipes Phrases

26 Duduk Phrases

27 Irish Flute Phrases

28 Renaissance Flute Phrases

29 Renaissance Pipes Phrases

30 Soprano Shawm Phrases

31 Uilleann Pipes Phrase

This product works with the free Kontakt Player – a free sample player based on Kontakt 5 that runs all Native Instruments’ KONTAKT instruments, as well as third-party products made for the platform.

You can download the Kontakt Player via this link (will take you to Native Instruments website)

Instruments made for Kontakt Player will also run in the full (paid for) version of Kontakt.

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Install Size: Over 17GB of free disc space required (Over 34GB disc space required during installation)

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  • Kontakt library

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  • Kontakt library for free Kontakt 5.3.1 Player or higher
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