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Four piano libraries including concert grand pianos, uprights and a prepared piano

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This bundle is an assembly of three Cinesamples piano libraries for Kontakt. From the iconic Piano In Blue to the popular CinePiano in the MGM Scoring Stage and Randy's Prepared Piano.

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CinePiano is the modern follow-up to Cinesamples' popular 'Piano in Blue' library. A Concert Grand Piano was sampled by hand at the MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles. They applied the same recording and sampling techniques and used many of the same microphones from Piano in Blue. With four distinct sonic characters, CinePiano will be your most versatile piano library.

How do Cinesamples follow an act like Piano In Blue? They record a stunning 9' grand piano at the MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles. Their goal was to record a detailed piano library at the same scoring stage as their flagship CineSymphony libraries for seamless integration and to provide four distinct characters of the piano through a variety of microphone and mixing techniques.

Tim Starnes on the recording process:

"The recording for Piano In Blue worked so well, I returned to the vintage Neumann M49 microphone pair and its position that I used on PIB. The M49s were powered by a pair of Neve 1073 pre amps to imitate the Neve 8078 console that recorded PIB. Also as on PIB, I placed a pair of small capsule condenser microphones near the tail of the piano. In addition to the standard room array, Adam placed several other close microphone pairs to provide options for other characters. The four unique characters are derived from these various microphones and the mixing process that followed."



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Cinesamples were provided a unique opportunity to preserve an important piece of musical history in its final days. Word had come to them that the historic Clinton Recording Studios in midtown Manhattan was forever closing its doors, destined to be transformed into a modern condominium complex.

One of the many treasures contained therein was this particular Steinway Model D Concert Grand which used to live in the Columbia Records 30th Street Studios. The CBS 30th Street Studio, “The Church” was perhaps the most influential recording studio of the 50’s and 60’s producing dozens of legendary albums in various genres.

John Davis, did a scoring session at Clinton and let Cinesamples know about the closing as this day was to be the final date. As the conversation drifted from the saddening state of affairs for large stages they came to talk about why this particular stage was a special place.

It turned out that the grand in the corner was the “one piano” used in so many of my favourite recordings. For further details about the recording, take a look at More Info.


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Another great addition to Cinesamples' Artist Series, Randy's Prepared Piano is a collection of 3 pianos recorded at the MGM Scoring Stage and Hollywood Scoring Studios Stage in Los Angeles, California. It features various extended techniques used by Los Angeles studio musician, Randy Kerber.

Several years ago at a recording session at The Bridge, we were recording Nami’s Theme, a spacious piano duet between Randy Kerber (piano, Randy's Celeste), and Amy Tatum (flute). During one of the breaks, Randy started playing with some museum putty inside the piano, giving the instrument a delicate, masked and suggestively underwater tone. It was such a clever and unusual sound that we decided to build an extended piano solo completely out of Randy’s prepared piano techniques in the middle of the duet (you can hear it at 2:34 in the Nami's Theme link above).

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