Eventide H9 Series Plug-In Bundle

Bundle containing all of Eventide's 'H9 series' effects plugins.

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Eventide H9 Series Plugin Bundle, is an iconic collection of powerful effects from widely acclaimed Eventide’s H9 Harmonizer® stompbox, now available for the desktop. Built for the modern producer, the H9 Plug-in Bundle has everything you need to reverberate, modulate, delay, crush, pitch shift and saturate your audio. It's a must-have toolkit for all producers, engineers, sound designers and musicians who want to add expressive Eventide effects to their tracks.

All H9 Series plugins feature the groundbreaking RIBBON control, which lets you sweep the effect between two different settings. This makes automation for sweeps, transitions, and effect throws much more gratifying and simplified. You can plug in a MIDI keyboard and gain control of the Ribbon via the mod wheel for a tactile advantage.

The H9 Series plugins offer unique performance buttons, so be on the lookout for "Freeze", "Flex", "Swirl", and the Hotswitch. There’s still more, the H9 Series plugins double as studio-quality effects and live performance tools. The bundle comes with over 500 presets across all plugins, including artist presets by Richard Devine, Matt Lange, Vernon Reid, Chris Carter, Sasha, Damian Taylor, Black Violin, Flood & Alan Moulder, Nick Hook, Dälek, Lady Starlight and more.

Eventide Crystals 

Crystals excels at adding life to synths, guitar, and vocals making them sound huge and majestic. From sound design to other-worldly solos, Crystals will spark inspiration.

Eventide MicroPitch

MicroPitch is a fine-resolution pitch shifter for subtle tone fattening, plus delays for dramatic slap back effects. MicroPitch is the latest incarnation of an iconic effect originated by Eventide in the 1970s. With each generation, Eventide has added refined, enhanced and built-on it's legendary predecessors. 

Eventide ShimmerVerb

ShimmerVerb combines a massively lustrous reverb with parallel pitch shifters to add ethereal layers making any signal, well, "shimmer." Often, producers would achieve this effect by using Eventide pitch-shifting hardware such as the H910, H949, or H3000 or other rack mount units in combination with a reverb. 

Eventide Spring Reverb

Spring Reverb models the sound and character of common spring reverbs used by Surf, Garage and Rockabilly music in guitar amplifiers. Spring Reverb takes this one step further by allowing the modification in a real spring tank of physical parameters which are not normally available. The results vary from faithful recreations of real springs to distinctive new sounds that push the physical boundaries of reverb. 

Eventide MangledVerb

MangledVerb™ is a unique effect combining reverb and distortion. Ported directly from the award-winning H9 Harmonizer®, MangledVerb is capable of creating lush reverbs, ripping distortion leads and sound-sculpting musical chaos. Guitarists have used it for years to create signature sounds and now you can have it in your favourite DAW.

Eventide Blackhole

Blackhole reverb breaks the rules by allowing you to create virtual spaces that could never exist in reality (at least the one we inhabit). At large sizes, it's soft attack and lingering, harmonic tails allows it to really shine on guitars, strings and pads. At small sizes those very same qualities can add an angelic sheen to vocals or turn a simple drum track into an otherworldly rhythm section.

Eventide TriceraChorus

TriceraChorus effects plug-in is inspired by the classic tri-choruses and stompbox choruses of the 1970s and early 1980s, particularly the Dyno-My-Piano.

It pairs rich BBD style tri-chorusing with another signature Eventide effect: micro-pitch detuning. This effect can be used to thicken the sound, to add thickening, and widen the stereo field by detuning the left and right signals and pan them opposite directions.

Eventide CrushStation

CrushStation is a versatile, stereo distortion platform with controls that can enhance any track with creamy saturation or create a brutal sonic assault. Distortion is just the starting point of which CrushStation has to offer. Multi-effects allow you to mix by adding a three-band EQ, Compression, Octave Mix and, Eventide’s unique take on failing hardware, the Sag control.

Eventide UltraTap

UltraTap is a unique multi-tap effect capable of rhythmic delays, glitchy reverbs, huge pad-like volume swells and extraordinary modulation. It’s the perfect tool for creating drum fills, vocal choruses, swelling guitar chords and other evolving effects — everything from reversed reverbs to a massed church choir singing a Gregorian chant in Notre-Dame Cathedral!

Eventide Rotary Mod

Rotary Mod is a rotating speaker effect that simulates a Leslie cabinet. Just like the original sound derived from the Hammond organ’s Leslie speaker cabinet, Rotary Mod produces a pulse-like vibrato effect depending on the speed of rotation. Rotary Mod offers precise control allowing you to dial in the exact amount of movement you need.

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Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

"A simple clean guitar can be transformed into a vast atmospheric soundscape, but by the same token you can also turn things a touch sinister by heaping on the resonance, feedback and modulation depth.- SOUND ON SOUND

"An intuitive and accessible distortion and crunch effect with more than a few unique features" - ALEX HOLMES (MUSICTECH) 

"Given it's exemplary sound sound quality it's definitely worth having around." - PAUL WHITE (SOUND ON SOUND)

"ShimmerVerb creates a lush, smooth effect, and there's plenty of variation on offer. It sounds quite ethereal on guitar but it can also work magic on synths and even vocal sounds. The effects on offer here have applications in many genres, but for ambient guitar it's a must-have." - PAUL WHITE (SOUND ON SOUND)

"Eventide UltraTap plug-in A unique, versatile and powerful plugin for sound design and creative mixing, UltraTap brings Eventide’s classic effect to the DAW in style, and at a very fair price.- COMPUTER MUSIC


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