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The Garritan Anthology lets you download every Garritan sound library - except the full CFX Concert Grand - at a saving of more than 60% off the combined individual prices. Included are CFX Lite, Classic Pipe organs, Concert & Marching Band 2, Instant Orchestra, Jazz & Big Band 3, Personal Orchestra 5, and World Libraries.


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Abbey Road Studios CFX LITE

The Yamaha CFX is an incredible concert grand piano characterised by a wide palette of tonal colors and the ability to create the most subtle, expressive nuances. To create an incredible virtual piano, Garritan matched this beautiful instrument with the stunning acoustics of Abbey Road's Studio One. To do this, they added a team of world-class engineers who leveraged an exceptional collection of microphones and outboard gear to create the finest sampled piano ever captured.

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Classic Pipe Organs

The Garritan Classic Pipe Organ virtual instrument offers six different historic pipe organs and 75 different stops. This collection is the first to offer a variety of different pipe organs, each unique and representative of a specific school of organ building.

Bring the power and majesty of the pipe organ into your studio, place of worship, rehearsal room, or home, at a fraction of the cost, and room space! Composers can use this collection for inspiration to capture creative ideas and sketch organ arrangements quickly. Hobbyists can use it for adding organ sounds to their tracks. Beginners, organ enthusiasts, and music students can use it to learn, study, and practice organ music at home. The organs in this collection can also be used to supplement Garritan Personal Orchestra and other libraries.

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Concert & Marching Band Version 2

Garritan Concert & Marching Band 2 is state-of-the-art software that reproduces the sounds of the musical instruments in concert and marching bands, right from your computer. This collection is the first library of its kind and fills a major void in the world of sample libraries.

Concert & Marching Band 2 features an array of trumpets, cornets, trombones, mellophones, euphoniums, baritones, tubas, sousaphones, clarinets, piccolos, flutes, saxophones, marching percussion (including drumline from Virtual Drumline 2 by Tapspace), and much more. Ideal for educators teaching band, band students, Band Directors who write drill routines, or for musicians who want to add band instrument sounds to their tracks.

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Garritan Harps virtual instrument features a variety of harps and special features including advanced glissando emulation, sampled acoustic spaces, and much more to give musicians, composers and producers the tools to easily recreate the enchanting sound of the harp in their music. 

A collection of harps are featured in this instrument including Salvi Pedal, Venus Concert Grand and Lyon & Healy. Special features include full-ranged harp articulations - traditional angelic-sounding harp plucks, harmonics, Pres de la table, picked, dampened, and other types of playing techniques. Through a variety of options, Garritan Harps also makes playing glisses accessible to any musician.

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Instant Orchestra

Garritan Instant Orchestra is about instantly producing orchestral music very quickly and easily. Our goal is to provide an instantly playable orchestral library with many pre-packaged orchestral sounds.

This library was designed to be an effective shortcut to reach your musical goals. Consider it as a Swiss army knife for musicians - a clean, simple, multi-purpose orchestral tool that will allow you to do many things in an instant. Moreover, it is affordable and fulfills our mission of simplifying and democratizing making music and orchestrating.

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Jazz & Big Band 3rd Edition

Garritan Jazz & Big Band 3 is state-of-the-art software that reproduces the sounds of the musical instruments in a jazz and big band, right from your computer. This award-winning collection is the first library of its kind and sets a new standard.

Jazz & Big Band 3 features trumpets, trombones, comprehensive 16 Saxophones collection, winds, keyboards, basses, rhythm section - over 50 individual instruments. Create realistic-sounding Jazz & Big Band arrangements quickly and easily.

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Personal Orchestra 5

Garritan Personal Orchestra democratized the creation of orchestral music by making a comprehensive collection of virtual orchestral instruments both accessible and affordable. GPO 5 continues in this tradition by vastly expanding the number of included instruments and offering new techniques, performance spaces and reverbs, and instrument body resonances. The result empowers you to produce truly inspiring symphonic sounds with a much higher level of realism.

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World Instruments

Garritan World Instruments is a new collection of over 350 expressive and exotic instruments from around the world. The world has such a beautiful and rich music heritage expressed through a myriad of diverse instruments. Here is a world of instruments waiting for you to explore and take your music in new and exciting directions.

The Garritan World Instrument collection offers a large variety of beautifully sampled flutes - Native American flutes, bamboo flues, Irish flutes, Chinese and Japanese flutes, Indian flutes, clay flutes, pan flutes, nose flutes and many other exotic winds from around the globe.

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"GPO5 is a solid, if not earth-shattering update. It's a superb option for the thrifty producer looking for quality orchestral sounds in a flexible, easy-to-use package." - Computer Music - read full review

"It's easy to use, flexible, delivers results quickly and in the right hands can sound absolutely huge. [...] an excellent value for money cinematic-style library that punches well above its weight." Music Tech

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