Gothic Instruments SCULPTOR Massive Whooshes EDUCATION

Create and customise almighty whooshes and exciting transitions

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SCULPTOR: Massive Whooshes is the second module in Gothic Instruments' exciting series of innovative sound design tools for Kontakt, following on from the hugely popular Live Impacts module. Create speed, excitement, tension and surprise with a compelling combination of thousands of raw sounds and SCULPTOR's dynamic features and controls.

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UPDATE! Now also includes the Massive Whooshes Audio Pack - an additional 5GB of 24-bit WAV samples rendered from the Massive Whooshes presets!

From adding a critical rush of excitement to a movie trailer, an intensifying SFX to a video game right through to building powerful transitions in your music, SCULPTOR: Massive Whooshes gives you the tools to inject an instant shot of drama into your productions that will impel your audience to sit up and listen. 


  • Developed for the full version of Kontakt v5.6
  • Effortlessly create huge transition sounds for a variety of media applications
  • Essential tool for cinematic soundtracks and video games
  • Excellent for smoothing over changes in your music
  • Thousands of raw sounds created by Hollywood trailer sound designer Alessandro Camnasio
  • Sounds range from dark and intense to futuristic and airy
  • Includes over 130 highly usable presets
  • Easy-to-use interface with powerful customisation options and expressive control
  • RANDOM button generates endless new options – never hear the same whoosh twice!
  • Each whoosh made up of 3 elements for sonic complexity and variety
  • Now includes an additional 5GB of 24-bit WAV samples rendered from the Massive Whooshes presets!


Producers of movie soundtracks and trailers will love the ease with which they can create an incredibly high quality rush of sound to add drama, anticipation and intense excitement to their productions.

Creating sound for video games? SCULPTOR Massive Whooshes makes awesome sound FX to enhance and intensify the game play experience. Team it up with SCULPTOR Live Impacts for an unbeatable combination of epic FX!

Making other types of music? These transition sounds perform a function similar to that of a fast drum or cymbal roll. Smooth over changes and glue parts together by applying a rush into a beat or chorus, or a comeback after a drop.



SCULPTOR is a series of Kontakt libraries by Gothic Instruments that cover different aspects of sound design (impacts, whooshes, drops and rises), with new sound sets released regularly at a discount to existing customers.

The SCULPTOR mission is to give you world-class raw material, huge customisation by recombining sound fragments and adjusting sound-shaping dials, while keeping it simple and highly expressive.


Every Whoosh is made up of 3 elements - ATTACK, PEAK and DECAY. These 3 elements are the initial attack, the intense peak of the whoosh and the long release of the sound. This Whoosh Designer instrument quickly crossfades between 3 different sounds in order to produce sonic complexity and a very wide range of possible variations. Download the PDF manual on the right hand side of this page for full details.


In summary, the main GUI page allows you to mix and match different sounds, change their volumes, randomise the sounds, change the length of the whoosh, the way it is panned, the pitch, the envelope shapes (sharpness of the attack and decay), filters and send effects (delay and reverb). Here's a little more detail about each feature...


Easily mix and match different sounds into each of the three slots and control the volume of each sound. The slope controls change the shape of the attack and decay – create a sharp and dramatic effect or a complex complex rich sound – experimentation is the key


Alter the way a Whoosh is panned with three options – right to left, no pan (for a wide central sound) and left to right. Great for achieving a sense of rapid movement!


Synced to your sequencer tempo, choose between fast or slow whooshes. The buttons control the time from when a key is triggered to the peak of the whoosh.


For an endless supply of unique and interesting sounds, the RANDOM button loads a new randomly generated set of sounds into the menu slots on the last-played key – great for instant inspiration.


These dials give you a great degree of control over the sound on your last-played MIDI key-pair. Includes Velocity, Filter Cutoff, Filter Q (Resonance), Velocity to Filter Map, Envelope to Filter Map, Tune (Pitch), Decay and Release.


This page presents global effects which will affect every sound currently loaded across the whole keyboard. Includes three insert effects (Drive, Compression and Filter) , two send effects (Reverb and Send) and the Gater – a rhythmical noise gate where you can control the Rate, Depth and Width of the sound.


Imagine something very big going past your face very quickly - these sounds add huge energy and excitement to music and percussion!

SCULPTOR Massive Whooshes features thousands of raw sounds recorded and processed by Alessandro Camnasio who has been responsible for the sound design of many Hollywood trailers including Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, Resident Evil 6 and Mad Max Fury Road, to name a few. Derived from a variety of organic and synthetic sources including water, rocks, fire, animals, machines and electromagnetic noise, these raw sounds can be arranged in millions of combinations making Massive Whooshes an inexhaustible tool that will remain a permanent fixture in your sound design armoury.

The 134 included presets have been designed for speed and convenience and are organised into 8 master folders (Clean, Detuned, Extreme, Gated, High Speed, Reverse Stops, Special FX, Velocity Control) to help you quickly find what you need.

Of the sound creation, Alessandro says... "As you can imagine by listening to the sounds, the Doppler effect was of paramount importance for adding a sense of speed and realism to this library. Apart from that, granular synthesis and re-synthesis are some of my favourite techniques to create interesting sonic textures and take the original recordings to a whole new level, while preserving the "organic" quality. I also experiment a lot with complex effects chains and signal routing, to enhance a sound or completely mangle it. Convolution and morphing are other techniques that were useful to twist the sounds in exotic and unpredictable ways. Once I am happy with a sound, I finalise it by tuning a mastering chain that includes different compressors, enhancers and limiters that I activate and change on a case by case basis.

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  • Parts 1 - 5: 954 MB each
  • Part 6: 770 MB

This products uses Kontakt Files. Please click on the link below to find out how to install Kontakt Files.

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"Another winner from Gothic, and as a sizeable bonus, you also get over 2700 samples (5GB) created using it" - Computer Music

"This is an excellent library for composers and sound designers and shouldn't be avoided... especially considering the low price. What's not to like?" - Music Tech (Rating 8/10) 

"Every once in a while you open a new library and get that feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. The excitement of the shiny new interface. And the build up giddiness when you press the key and hear and see the instrument come to life. That is exactly the way it felt for me to start my review of Gothic Instruments new library Sculptor Massive Whooshes." - Click here to read/watch the review in full

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Sample Library


  • Kontakt files

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  • Requires full version of Kontakt 5.6.1 or higher