Groove 3 Garritan Orchestra Explained

Comprehensive tutorial for Garritan Instant Orchestra and Personal Orchestra

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Groove 3 Garritan Orchestra Explained delves into the world of Garritan Instant Orchestra and Personal Orchestra virtual instruments.

Presented by music guru Eli Krantzberg, this tutorial covers these stunning virtual libraries in the powerful ARIA player inside and out.

Product Highlights

  • 12 Tutorials / 1.5 Hours Total Runtime
  • For all beginner to intermediate Garritan Orchestra users
  • Tutorials written by musical instructor Eli Krantzberg
  • Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC

Eli begins with an introduction to the series, the libraries in general and then dives deep into the power packed ARIA player, covering instrument slots, info, effects and setting pages. Next, Eli tackles the Performance Controls showing you how to manipulate the libraries in real-time using the Mod Wheel, Key Switches and more.

Eli then explores the Solo Woodwind parameters to control vibrato speed, intensity note velocities, overlaps and much more. Solo Brass is also looked at, revealing tongue and legato articulations, dynamics and timbre controls and more. Ensemble building 2.0 is next up and Eli shows you how the individual brass section players and overlays are blended to create unique performances.

Garritan Personal Orchestra Strings are then explained, showing you all about the various articulations and playing styles available, as well as Percussion instruments and their different play modes. Eli doesn´t forget about the Keyboards and Harps, he covers their different offerings, including how to use the Harp Gliss Packets MIDI data to determine tonality and quality of Harp glissandos.

Eli wraps up the series with an in-depth look at the Garritan Instant Orchestra library and its extended instrument controls, as well as how to playback MIDI files within the ARIA player and record its output in both real-time and offline.

If you use either Garritan Personal Orchestra or Garritan Instant Orchestra for your compositions and or productions, this series should be at the top of your watch list... Get "Garritan Orchestra Explained" today.

Chapter Overview

Introduction - See how the Garritan libraries are managed in the ARI Player multi-timbral interface. Up to 16 separate instruments are loaded into a single instance, and optionally stored and loaded together in groupings called Ensembles.

The Aria Player Interface - Learn all about the ARIA Player's instrument slots, as well as the Info, Effects and Settings pages.

Performance Controls - Learn about the four main real-time performance controls that are used throughout the Garritan libraries such as mod wheel for volume, note velocity for attack, sustain pedal for legato mode, and key switches for different instrument articulations. Other performance and playback parameters found in the Aria Player's Controls page are covered as well.

Solo Woodwind Controls - Learn how to control vibrato speed and intensity from within your DAW, as well as how note velocities, note overlaps, sustain pedal info and Auto-legato mode interact and effect note on attacks.

Ensemble Building 1.0 - Explore the GPO multiple player instruments and see how they are used to build up customised section parts.

Solo Brass - Learn how tongued and legato articulations are controlled with the sustain pedal, how the auto legato and portamento instrument controls interact, how the variation 2 control affects dynamics and timbre and how the overlay and overlay AG patches are used.

Ensemble Building 2.0 - See how the individual brass section players and overlay parts are blended together with unique performances to form a live nuanced brass section with variations between each part being doubled and tripled.

Working with GPO Strings - Discover the various articulations and playing styles available in both solo and ensemble GPO string patches and hear some examples of how they are used.

Percussion - See how the various percussion instruments are used in either single hit mode or roll on release mode, and how the sustain pedal is used to muffle certain sounds.

Keyboards & Harp - Explore the various GPO 4 keyboard offerings, and learn how to use the Harp Gliss Packets MIDI data to determine the tonality and quality of harp glissandos.

Garritan Instant Orchestra - Discover how the extended instrument controls work, including the Expression switch, ADSR parameters, as well as blend, delay and brightness knobs.

Working with MIDI Files - See how the ARIA Player is used to playback MIDI files and learn how to record the output either in real-time or offline.

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