Groove 3 iZotope Neutron Explained

In depth tutorial of iZotope's Neutron Mixing Console

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iZotope's newest mixing plugin, Neutron, combines five great-sounding new processors with the latest in intelligent metering and analysis. Like having a virtual assistant, Neutron can listen to your audio, identify instruments, and offer tailored starting points for creating powerful mixes with focus and clarity while leaving all the creative control to you.

In this tutorial, studio wiz Scottie Dugan shows you all its features and functions, as well as examples of it in use.


  • 10 tutorials
  • Over 1hr of video footage
  • For all beginner to intermediate users
  • Written by studio wiz Scottie Dugan
If you're intrigued by Neutron and what it can do for your mixes, or have it and are ready to learn it inside and out, watch "iZotope Neutron Explained" today!

Content includes 10 tutorial videos

1. Introduction: What is Neutron and why should I use it? Let's find out! Click here to view a sample video

2. Track Assistant: How would you like a personal assistant to prep every mix for you? Now you do!

3. Masking Meter: Masking is one of the biggest challenges when mixing. Neutron helps us identify these problematic areas.

4. Using the EQ: Now let's begin fixing some proplems. The first tool is EQ and Neutron has a nice one.

5. The Compressor: Neutron's compressor is incredibly flexible. It´s easy to use and sounds great too.

6. The Exciter: Like harmonic distortion? Good. Neutron's exciter is warm and fuzzy in all the right ways.

7. The Transient Shaper: Want more punch? Done. Want more warm sustain? Done. Say hello to your new secret weapon.

8. Limiter: Next let's take a look at how the built in limiter can both preserve transients and remain transparent.

9. Options: In this video learn how to customize Neutron to work exactly how you want it to.

10. In the Mix: Finally, let's take a listen to how just a few instances of Neutron can completely transform a mix.


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