Groove 3 iZotope Trash 2 Explained Tutorial

Learn about the features and functions of iZotope's Trash 2

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Russ Hughes reveals the true power of the awesome iZotope Trash 2 plug-in, showing you all of its features and functions, as well as some creative ways to apply it to your tracks..

Russ starts at the beginning with a detailed introduction and then important first steps, such as input and output configuration and proper signal staging into the plug-in for the best results. He then covers every module in detail, explaining every feature and function within, as well as preset management tips to increase your Trash 2 workflow.

Russ then finishes with a ton of videos dedicated to creatively using Trash 2 on the most common instruments and tracks in your session, such as synths, beats, guitars, bass guitars, vocals, the mix bus and more!

Trash 2 is the ultimate plug-in for distorting, mangling and transforming your audio. It´s a real sonic shapeshifter and Russ Hughes gives you the tour and tools to take your audio to new heights and depths. Get "Trash 2 Explained" today.

  • 19 tutorials / Over 2 hours total runtime
  • For all beginner to intermediate iZotope Trash 2 users
  • Tutorials written by plug-in guru Russ Hughes

Video Chapters


  • General Settings
  • Spectrum Settings
  • IO Settings
  • Modules Settings
  • Convolve Settings

The Modules in Detail

  • The Filter Modules
  • The Trash Module
  • The Convolve Module
  • The Dynamics Module
  • The Delay Module
  • Preset Management

Trash 2 in Action

  • Synths
  • Beats
  • Guitars
  • Bass Guitar
  • Vocals
  • Mix Buss
  • Reverb Tricks

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