Groove 3 iZotope VocalSynth Explained

iZotope VocalSynth tutorial designed for beginner and intermediate users

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VocalSynth is iZotope's new twist on the vintage vocoder, and in this in-depth video tutorial series computer music guru Sami Rabia teaches you how to make it sing! Learn it inside out as well as how to get creative with VocalSynth to create both classic and cutting edge new sounds!

Even if you've never used a Vocoder before, or if you've already got iZotope VocalSynth and want to get the most out of it, don't miss "VocalSynth Explained"!

Product Highlights

  • 7 Tutorials
  • Over 1hr of video footage
  • For all beginner to intermediate Vocoder users
  • Written by renowned author Sami Rabia

After showing you around VocalSynth´s GUI, Sami instructs you how to set up VocalSynth and access its presets. He then demonstrates the pitch correction parameters, and all four vocal processors and their powerful sound shaping capabilities.

In addition, Sami expands on his tour of the parameters by exploring the effects section of VocalSynth and guides you in sound design, showing you how to effectively combine unmatched sources using its processors and effects, and that you´re not limited to only processing vocals.

Product Outline

Introduction & GUI Overview:

Sami begins the series with an overview of VocalSynth´s layout.

Loading & Using Presets:
Learn how to set up VocalSynth and use the presets as a starting point.

Pitch Correction:
In this video Sami demonstrates the different parameters controlling pitch correction.

The Processors:
Get familiar with the different vocal processors and their powerful sound shaping capabilities.

The Effects Section:
Find out how easy it is to finish and polish your sounds with the included effects.

Sound Design Session Pt. 1:
Sami demonstrates how to effectively combine two unmatched sources using pitch correction and the on-board processors.

Sound Design Session Pt. 2:
VocalSynth is much more than a vocal processor; Sami shows you how far you can take a drum loop.

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