Groove 3 Logic X Explained

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Apple Logic Certified Pro Eli Krantzberg has created the single most comprehensive Logic Pro X video tutorial collection available. At over 5 hours, Eli gets the new Logic Pro X user up and running fast, while providing a deep understanding of Apple´s new flagship DAW. If you're ready to learn Logic Pro X, this is the best way to learn it.

Eli starts with an introduction covering some important basics and then jumps right in, showing you how to create your first project. Interface overviews, navigation and more are all covered in the "Exploring the Interface" chapter. Next, Eli shows you how to work with Apple Loops, create and manage tracks, the Inspector, Quantizing, channel strips, using plug-ins, zooming and so much more.

Recording is up next and Eli examines the Drummer Track, setting up clicks and count offs, MIDI, AutoPunch, Loop Recording, using Take Folders and a loads more stuff! Editing in LPX is then covered, and Eli goes deep into working in the Tracks Area, Region Editing, the different Editors, MIDI Draw, Score Editor, Flex Pitch, using the Groove Track and more.

Eli wraps up your Logic Pro X journey with a whole chapter on Mixing. Working with Fades, Markers, Screen Sets, Smart Controls and MIDI FX are just some of the topics covered. Eli even shows you how to process each Drum Designer drum piece individually with audio effects, how to use automation to control parameters over time for cool and useful effects, and how to share your final mix with the world!

Whether you're making Logic Pro X your main DAW, upgrading from an older version of Logic, or just want to use Logic Pro X along side other software, this is your definitive resource! Invest in the best... Get "Logic Pro X Explained" today.

Product Highlights

  • 50 Tutorials / Over 5 Hours Total Runtime
  • For all beginner to intermediate Logic Pro X users
  • Tutorials written by Apple Logic Certified Pro Eli Krantzberg
  • Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC


Exploring the Interface

  • Introduction
  • Starting a Project
  • Interface Overview
  • Project Basics
  • Play and Navigate
  • Using the Cycle Area

A Closer Look

  • Working with Apple Loops
  • Creating and Managing Tracks
  • Track Header Functions
  • The Inspector
  • Quantizing
  • The Mixer
  • Working with Plugins
  • Tools
  • Zooming
  • Working with Patches
  • Project Management
  • Folder Stacks & Folders
  • Summing Stacks
  • Project Properties


  • Introduction to the Drummer Track
  • The Count In and Click
  • MIDI Recording
  • Autopunch and Replace Mode
  • Loop Recording MIDI
  • Record Repeat and Capture as Recording
  • Musical Typing
  • Arrangement Markers
  • Creating a Headphone Mix
  • Recording Audio
  • Loop Recording Audio
  • Working with Take Folders


  • Working in the Tracks Area
  • Region Editing
  • Introducton to the Editors
  • The Piano Roll Editor
  • MIDI Draw
  • The Score Editor in Action
  • Editing the Drummer Track
  • The Step Editor in Action
  • Flex Pitch QuickStart
  • Groove Track


  • Working with Fades
  • Working with Markers
  • Screen Sets
  • Smart Controls Quickstart
  • MIDI FX Teaser
  • Drum Kit Designer
  • Automation
  • Sharing Your Music

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