Groove 3 Pro Tools 11 Explained

Makes getting on board with Pro Tools 11 fast and easy

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Pro Tools 11 marks a new generation of software for AVID, taking the industry standard DAW to new heights with notable features and increased performance. DAW guru Eli Krantzberg takes you on a Pro Tools journey of the 11th kind, showing you the basics as well as more advanced features and functions, and makes getting on board with Pro Tools 11 fast and easy.

Fully compatible with both Pro Tools 11 Native and Pro Tools 11 HD, Eli begins with important basics such as creating your first session, setting up your Audio and MIDI hardware, detailed main window overviews and managing tracks.

Next, Eli goes deep into different recording topics such as Click Track Setup, the anatomy of a Track, MIDI and Audio recording, Loop and Punch-In Recording and more. Editing Audio and MIDI are next, and Eli leaves no stone unturned. Edit Modes and Tools are examined, as well as Clip Editing and working with Playlists.

Eli wraps up the series with a thorough chapter on Mixing. Working with Plug-Ins and Sends, using Compression and EQ, Metering and Automation are all revealed, and Eli even shows you how to Mixdown your song so you can burn a disc or make an MP3 for the web.

If you just upgraded to, or are starting out with Pro Tools 11, learn from someone who really knows the software, but more importantly, really knows how to teach it to you. Watch "Pro Tools 11 Explained" today.

Product Highlights

  • 30 Tutorials / 3Hrs 20Min Total Runtime
  • For all beginner to intermediate Pro Tools 11 users
  • Tutorials written by DAW expert Eli Krantzberg
  • Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC

Chapter listing

Getting Started

  • First Contact
  • Audio & MIDI Hardware Setup
  • IO Setup
  • The Main Windows
  • Creating Tracks
  • Importing Audio
  • Playback & Navigation
  • Additional Playback Functions


  • Click Track Setup
  • Tempo, Meter & Counters
  • Track Anatomy
  • Simple MIDI Recording
  • Quantizing
  • MIDI Merge & Loop Record
  • Loop Recording Multiple Takes
  • Punch-In Recording with Pre-Roll
  • Audio Recording
  • Headphone Mix & Punch Prep
  • Audo Punch-In Recording
  • Audio Loop Recording


  • Edit Modes & Tools
  • Basic Clip Editing
  • Working with Playlists
  • Basic MIDI Editing


  • Working with Plugins
  • Using Compression & EQ
  • Working with Sends
  • Metering
  • Working with Automation
  • Mixdown

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