Groove 3 Softube Heartbeat Explained

Sami Rabia gives an in depth tutorial of Softube's powerful drum synth, Heartbeat

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Softube's Heartbeat captures the sound and experience of early 80s drum synthesizers, and Sami Rabia's video tutorial series teaches you how to use it to create your own modern masterpieces!


  • 13 tutorials
  • Over 1hr of video footage
  • For users of all levels

Sami begins with a GUI overview, showing you how the plug-in is laid out, then he dives into the kick drum section, explaining all the simple, but powerful tone shaping parameters. Next, he explores the Snare & Clap module, Hi-Hats Module, Percussion Module, and Cymbals Module.

With the modules covered, Sami demonstrates how to use the mixer, including the multi-output option, as well as how you can map velocity to different elements of Heartbeat.

After that, Sami looks at the Effects section, revealing the built-in reverb, delay, and compressor for even more sound sculpting, and then explains how to use the Auto-Layer machine, which is capable of both simple sequencing and extreme chaos.

Finally, Sami delves into sound design with Heartbeat, showing you how to design a vintage drum sound, and how to build an EDM-style kick.

Whether you're new to Softube's Heartbeat or are looking for some new tips and tricks, watch "Softube Heartbeat Explained" today!

Tutorial 1 - Introduction

  • Sound Designer Sami Rabia gives a quick introduction to Heartbeat.

Tutorial 2 - GUI Overview

  • In this video we get a feel for the GUI layout.

Tutorial 3 - Kick Drum

  • Sami Rabia explains the parameters of the simple but powerful Kick modules.

Tutorial 4 - Snares & Claps

  • We take a look at the sounds on offer in the Snare & Clap modules.

Tutorial 5 - HiHats

  • A close look at the hihats module and how the choke works.

Tutorial 6 - Percussion

  • Understand the parameters and modes on the versatile percussion modules.

Tutorial 7 - Cymbal

  • We take a look at the final drum module, the cymbal.

Tutorial 8 - Mixer & Multi-Out

  • Sami shows explains controls on the mixer as well as demonstrating the multi-output option.

Tutorial 9 - Velocity Mapping

  • In this video learn how velocity can be mapped to affect different aspects of Heartbeat.

Tutorial 10 - Effects Section

  • We take a close look at the controls and features of the Reverb, delay & Compressor.

Tutorial 11 - Auto-Layer Machine

  • Capable of both simple sequencing and extreme chaos, Sami explains the ins and outs of the Auto-layer machine.

Tutorial 12 - Sound Design: Vintage Drums

  • Sami reveals some programming ideas for a vintage drum machine sound.

Tutorial 13 - Sound Design: EDM Kicks

  • In this final video, Sami uses layering within Heartbeat to program a punchy EDM kick.

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