Groove 3 Softube Modular Know-How: The Basics

Learn all the important basics in this in-depth tutorial of Softube's Modular

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Virtual modular synths are all the rage, and Synth meister Scottie Dugan starts your journey into Softube's virtual Modular Synth! Learn all the important basics in this in-depth video tutorial series.


  • 6 tutorials
  • 20 minutes of video
  • Written by synth meister Scottie Dugan

Scottie welcomes you and then gives you an introduction to Softube Modular, covering the important basics such as navigating the GUI, explaining the different modules available, interfacing Modular with your DAW, loading and storing presets, performing with Modular and more!

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you're ready to get into virtual modular synthesis, Softube has just the application you need, and Scottie Dugan has the video tutorials to get you going... Watch "Softube Modular Know-How: The Basics" today!

Tutorial 1 - Introduction

  • Scott introduces us to the virtual modular synth.

Tutorial 2 - GUI

  • Next he introduces the basic workflow and how to navigate the interface.

Tutorial 3 - Modules

  • In this video Scott explains the different types of modules available.

Tutorial 4 - Interfacing with the DAW

  • Next he explains how an analog synth communicates with a digital world.

Tutorial 5 - Presets

  • This video goes over everything you need to know about loading presets.

Tutorial 6 - Performing

  • In the final video Scott explains how to use the performance modules.

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