Groove 3 Toontrack Ezdrummer 2 Explained

Toontrack EZdrummer 2 tutorial video by Todd Tatnall

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Toontrack EZdrummer 2 has changed the virtual drumming game yet again. This software instrument is absolutely mind blowing and veteran studio guru Todd Tatnall is going to show you all it can do, taking you from installation and setup all the way to creating your first song!

Todd begins with an introduction to EZdrummer 2, going over what it is and discussing what you´ll learn throughout the series. Next, it's on to Installation and Registration, and then an in-depth look at the Standalone version of EZdrummer 2. Exploring the Interface is next, and you´ll see how to load basic drum kits, audition drums, change individual drum sounds and modify them.

Todd now goes deeper into EZdrummer 2, explaining How to Browse and Audition MIDI Grooves using the Browser and Search Pages, as well as How to Use the Grooves from Expansion Packs. Play Styles and Power Hand are then looked at in-detail, showing you how to adjust the grooves and kits for nearly infinite variations. The Song Track and Song Creator are then revealed, allowing you to Custom Build your New Drum Parts for your songs with ease and realism.

Now the powerful Mixer Section is shown where you can Adjust Volumes, Pan of the individual Drums and Effects, and much more. Todd then shows you how to load and use EZdrummer 2 within a few DAWs, as well as how to set up EZdrummer 2 to use its Multiple-Outputs into individual tracks in your DAW for even more sonic control and manipulation.

If you're ready to use EZdrummer 2 to its fullest, Todd will explain how and you'll be up and running fast, making studio quality drums tracks in no time at all... Watch "EZdrummer 2 Explained" today.

Product Highlights

  • 14 tutorials / 1 hour 5 minutes total runtime
  • For all beginner Toontrack EZdrummer 2 users
  • Tutorials written by studio expert Todd Tatnall
  • Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
  • Watch Online, Download, Stream to iPad, iPhone & iPod

Standalone Operation
Discover the new standalone program, which removes the need for Toontrack Solo, and allows use without a host DAW. Learn about audio and MIDI settings for the stand-alone version. Routing to your audio interface, as well as using a MIDI controller.

Exploring the Interface
Explore the basics of using EZDrummer 2, including loading basic drum kits, auditioning drums, changing individual drums and how you can modify drums.

Discover how to browse and audition MIDI grooves provided in EZdrummer 2, including the b rowser and search pages. See how the two pages are organized. Also see how grooves from expansion packs can be used.

Play Style
Learn how to adjust the play style of grooves and kits for nearly infinite variations. Learn about Power Hand, (drum sensitivity/probability), groove style, etc.

The Song Track
Learn all about EZDrummer2´s new Song Track, which allows you to assemble various grooves in sequence, record MIDI to the song track, and edit grooves in the song track.

Song Creator
See how songs can easily be created with EZDrummer 2 and the Song Creator, starting with a single groove.

The Mixer
Explore the mixer section in EZDrummer 2 and learn how to adjust volumes, pan, etc of individual drums and effects.

Working with SONAR X3
Learn how to add and integrate EZDrummer 2 within Cakewalk's SONAR X3.

Working with Studio One
Learn how to add and integrate EZDrummer 2 within Presonus' Studio One.

Working with Pro Tools
Learn how to add and integrate EZDrummer 2 within Avid's Pro Tools.

Using Multiple Outputs
Explore how to route each drum within EZDrummer to an individual channel in your DAW. This allows for further tailoring of each drum sound. Pro Tools 11 is used and the example host.

Todd shows how to download and install an expansion kit into EZ Drummer 2.

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