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Waveforms is a series of downloadable sample libraries from Something Else Music Limited. This company is run by the well respected UK sound designer Ian Boddy who has been producing sample libraries since 1992 and has a musical career spanning close to four decades.

Ian is renowned for his work with analogue and modular synths and uses his impressive personal collection of hardware to create the sounds found within his libraries.

This limited edition bundle includes all six Ian Boddy Waveforms titles and saves you 50% off the combined retail price.

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Analogue Workshop 1: Distortion and Feedback 

This library contains 300 samples (150 longer looped sounds & 150 one shots) meticulously programmed and recorded from analogue modular and vintage synthesisers. These samples are not for the faint hearted. Every single sound uses some form of either audio or control voltage distortion, feedback or general sonic ill treatment.

A new custom designed graphical interface has been scripted in Kontakt to provide even more variation and programming opportunities in the way the sounds are presented. This is rounded out by a set of impulse responses for the convolution reverb taken directly from analogue modules such as spring reverbs and bucket-brigade delays to further enhance the overall sound character.

Ian Boddy Analogue Workshop Vol 2: Dark Ambient

Featuring 300 samples and over 500 Kontakt patches culled from his collection of vintage and analogue modular synths, these sounds dwell very much in the darker realms of ambience and electronic music. The patches run the full gamut from subsonic drones, evolving pads and haunting modulations to weird, surreal atmospheres. The one-shot section contains a range of crunchy, deep, weird short percussive sounds and FX that can be used to spice up any drum kit or add impact to key moments in your musical compositions. 

A new custom designed graphical interface has been scripted in Kontakt 4 to provide even more variation & programming opportunities in the way the sounds are presented. Kontakt 4 libraries are fully compatible in later versions of Kontakt. This is rounded out by a set of impulse responses for the convolution reverb taken directly from analogue modules such as spring reverbs & bucket-brigade delays to further enhance the overall sound character.


All the sounds were produced and recorded directly from analogue hardware synthesisers. No digital processing other than a touch of EQ or compression where appropriate was used. Any effects you hear such as flanging, phasing, reverb or echo are from the various analogue components of the modular systems used.

The intention was to provide a library of sounds that are synonymous with the name of the Radiophonic Workshop from their early work on such seminal programs as Doctor Who. As such the sounds are intended to have that analogue, organic, retro sci-fi character that many find so appealing about those early synthesiser soundtracks.


All the sounds were recorded using a high quality and powerful radio transceiver. This provided the raw data of strange garbled voices, buzzing interference patterns and hidden morse code signals that Boddy transformed into Airwaves. Many of the samples you will hear are virtually untouched other than using some judicious EQ and compression to "clean up" the material. All the sounds are originally recorded in mono and some have been further processed in stereo using an arsenal of plug-ins to enhance and complement the mood and atmosphere of these intruiging sounds. 


This is a library of 1,000 analogue drum, percussion and one-shot hits. However these are not taken from vintage drum machines (of which there is already plenty of content available elsewhere) but rather all the sounds are hand crafted by Boddy on vintage analogue synths and modular systems. They run the full gamut from thunderous bass drums, crisp snares & hats through to abstract synth hits & FX and even weird glitchy & industrial sounds.

The sounds are a mixture of mono and stereo samples and some have genuine analogue effects printed on them from spring reverbs, bucket brigade delays and phaser/flangers. This all adds up to a cornucopia of drum and percussion sounds that can be used in virtually any style of production.


As a follow up to Drumalogue this one takes as it's starting material a selection of electronic drum patterns and loops which are then fed through Boddy's massive modular synth system. These are then filtered, mangled and generally messed up using a huge number of modules all in the analogue domain. All the loops have between 3 and 5 variations and sonically range from sweet filtering all the way through to completely crunched and twisted mayhem.

The quality of the distortion and overdrive achieved using these techniques gives the loops a gorgeous organic feel which is further heightened by the sound of the modular itself with it´s fuzzy warmness and tripping envelopes. The sounds are also provided in Rex2 and Apple Loops format enabling them to be used at various tempos and dissected by the end user for their own purposes.

"...instant atmosphere, power and weight in a pack that's begging to be played with, teased and cherished." - Future Music (Rating 9/10)

"I love stuff like this, it’s different, it’s out of the norm, but it’s fun and useful since it brings a different type of sound to the table." - soundsandgear.com

"If you enjoy producing techno, house, minimal, dubstep or drum and bass with a raw edge then Drumalogue is going to be right up your street." - iDJ

"...we were very impressed by the novel sounds here." - Computer Music

"More than just a collection of synth drums, this is the ultimate catalogue of short, simple synth noises." - Music Tech

Download Size (RAR files/zipped files):

  • Analogue Workshop Volume 1 - 473 MB
  • Drumalogue - 308 MB
  • Beatalogue - 503 MB
  • Airwaves - 536 MB
  • Radiophonica - 491 MB
  • Analogue Workshop Volume 2 - 527 MB

Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

"What we got from playing these patches was an overwhelming sense of how good they would be for the kinds of edgy, minimalist TV and film soundtracks that are so popular these days." - Music Tech (Rating: 9/10)

"The simple but effective Kontakt script makes the perfect host, and we'd label this a bargain." - Computer Music (Rating: 9/10)

"Sci-fi sound designers and techno producers are probably going to be the most interested, although it’s easy to imagine many of the sounds being used in quirky indie-rock mixes as a means of adding aggression, interest and excitement." - Sound on Sound

Tech Specs

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Sample Library


  • Apple loops
  • Kontakt files
  • Rex
  • Wav

Product Specs:

System Requirements
  • Requires full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or later (Kontakt Files only)