Ilio Elevator – Bidirectional Sonics for Omnisphere 2

A unique expansion that harnesses Omnisphere’s powerful Modulation Matrix

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ILIO presents Elevator – Bidirectional Sonics –  a brand-new expansion library for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 that harnesses the power of Omnisphere’s powerful Modulation Matrix, a high-speed vertical express for your productions.

The first demo in our audio player is created entirely with Elevator - no other sounds were used!

Elevator reimagines how the modulation wheel is used to control sources (e.g., pitch, depth, speed, delay, reverb amount, waveform shape, symmetry, hard sync, FM, Ring Modulation movement, and colour), meticulously programmed to modulate each element simultaneously. Turn your musical creations into risers, falls, transitions, and create drama, movement, and anticipation.

Elevator is designed for film, trailers, promo, video games, and electronic music production. Included are tempo-locked drones, moving basses, slamming hits, mind-bending FX, screaming synths, dystopian textures, and a beautiful pluck made from an empty bottle that the sound designer drank while programming these amazing sounds.

If you purchased Elevator during Black Friday 2020, you will get this as a free update via an email from Ilio.

Introducing the "Tetra" Patch

Elevator is unlike any other 3rd party patch library available for Omnisphere. Given most of the 112 patches were programmed with all 4 Layers utilized in a single Part (Omnisphere's 8 multitimbral Parts contain 4 Layers, each), you can combine or solo each Layer to isolate and perform a more "thinned out" version. This gives you hundreds more sound possibilities! In the browser, simply search for the word "Tetra" or select it from within Omnisphere's Attributes menu to discover them all.

Designed for Expression

All patches have been programmed with modulation wheel and aftertouch (especially fun for next-gen keyboard owners)! Open filters, add tempo-pulsing amplitude, vibrato, longer reverb and delay tails, and more using the additional, expressive control that aftertouch offers you!

The modulation wheel is an important part of Elevator's control. It's the key controller for "elevating" each patch. The detailed Comments will guide you (along with your ear), on how to get the best use out of the programming. You may find yourself using the modulation wheel, pitch wheel, and aftertouch at the same time, giving you some very interesting results!

A Variety of "Elevating" Sounds

Elevator has evolved quite drastically from initial pre-release, adding synths, pads, basses, and even more big, smashing hits and FX. This newly added variety of sounds will give you all the tools you need to create your next production from beginning to epic finish. Included are 112 patches, with 85 being "Tetra" patches. With that, you'll have well over 300 unique new sound variations at your disposal in Elevator!

Free Lifetime Updates!

As with all Ilio patch libraries, registered users enjoy the added benefit of access to free updates when they become available. From time to time, new patches are added, further expanding your pallet at no additional cost to you!

Important: Omnisphere version 2.7 or higher is required.

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