Impact Soundworks Overload

Ultra-polished collection of 256 EDM and workhorse patches for u-he Diva

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Supercharge your inspiration with Overload, an ultra-polished collection of 256 patches for u-he Diva! This set of modern EDM and workhorse sounds makes full use of Diva’s incredible analog-modeled oscillators and filters, along with its digital side, modulation capabilities, and FX. Includes arps, basses, leads, keys, pads, plucks, sequences, and poly-synths.

Overload is a powerful collection of cutting-edge, modern, and EDM-focused presets for the u-he DIVA virtual synthesizer. Produced by Sonic Elements, these sounds are inspired by the very best of current electronic music and are well-suited for genres like dance, trance, house, dubstep, drum n' bass, and much more.

Complex analog and digital tones are combined throughout the impressive array of 256 presets, offering a wide range of sonic possibilities and inspiration. Inside you will find timbres ranging from soft and ethereal pads and atmospheres to soaring, cutting leads and basses, all designed to provide instant satisfaction as soon as you press a key.

Each patch also comes equipped with modwheel control for extra motion and automation possibilities!

Content includes:

  • 14 Arps
  • 54 Basses
  • 4 Keys
  • 55 Leads
  • 53 Pads
  • 44 Plucks
  • 11 Sequences
  • 21 Poly Synths

Download Size (RAR file):

  • 85 MB

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Product Specs:

System Requirements
  • Requires u-he Diva
  • This product is equivalent to Diva Overload V1 & Overload MAXX