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Give your scenes environmental and spatial continuity with just three clicks

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iZotope, the creators of the two-time Emmy award-winning RX bring you the next indispensable post production tool – Dialogue Match. Re-recording mixers who are responsible for delivering the final sound mix for films and television programs, need a way to quickly match dialogue from lavalier, boom mics, and ADR, in order to create a seamless and cohesive dialogue performance. iZotope Dialogue Match, the first tool to automatically learn and match the sonic character of dialogue recordings, is here to revolutionize this process. 

By combining brand-new machine learning from iZotope with ground-breaking reverb technology from Exponential Audio, Dialogue Match, an AudioSuite plug-in for Pro Tools, analyzes your audio to extract a sonic profile you can apply to other tracks. Now, the tedious process of matching ADR to production dialogue is cut from hours to seconds. With DialogueMatch, you can apply a learned profile to any other dialogue track for fast and easy environmental consistency for every scene. 

The ultimate tool for re-recording mixers and ADR editors.

  • Match EQ, reverb, and ambiance recording characteristics from a boom to lavalier.
  • Automatically match ADR to production audio
  • Quickly match localized audio to the original language
  • Save and load global snapshots and reference profiles



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Content includes:

EQ Module

Leveraging parametric EQ matching mechanics, Dialogue Match matches the tonal and spectral aspects of any piece of dialogue and applies it to another.

Reverb Module

iZotope introduces brand new reverb matching technology that combines machine learning with Exponential Audio's reverb algorithms. The reverb module lets you take spatial reflections from one recording and apply them to another with astonishing accuracy via Exponential Audio’s clean, realistic reverb engine.

Ambience Module

By analyzing the spectral noise profile of a recording, Dialogue Match is capable of identifying and re-creating room tone, dramatically accelerating your ADR workflow.


Save time and applying learned settings to use throughout your workflow.


You can save your own Reference profile, or use default Reference profiles as a starting point, such as small rooms, long hallways, or vehicle interiors.

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Effects Plugin

Product Specs:

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.8.5 Mountain Lion - macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • Windows 7 - 10

Supported Hosts:

  • Pro Tools 11 .x and later (currently not supported for use in Media Composer, or any host application other than Pro Tools)