Lunacy Audio AIR - CUBE Expansion

Hybrid Wind Explorations for CUBE

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Lunacy Audio AIR is an expansion for CUBE* that takes a spicy new approach to the sampling process. Air features a panoply of air-based instruments from all corners of the world, with samples processed through detailed eurorack modules for extra zing.

The result is a new kind of air texture, transforming classic world instruments like the Bolivian Moseño, Japanese Shakuhachi, Peruvian Giant Pan Flute, and Slovakian Koncovka into stunning pads, textures, keys, plucks, and one shots, ranging from purely organic to deeply processed.

Explore sweeping pan flute bursts, glass bottle blows, trumpet ghost tonguing, clarinet swells, and so much more.

Key Features:

  • 35 Sound Sources - Multi-layered playable instruments with over 200 samples including detailed pads, keys, plucks, one shots, and multi-sampled instruments.
  • 120 Presets - Expertly crafted and designed by experienced composers and producers

*This product will only work with CUBE, do not purchase if you do not already own CUBE.



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Tech Specs

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Product Specs:

  • CUBE Engine Requried
  • 286MB Download
  • MacOs 10.9 or higher
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • Supported by all major DAWs