New Sonic Arts Nuance 2

A sampler with fast workflow, pristine sound, ultra-low CPU usage and no bloat

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Proudly standing out from the crowd of complex and cumbersome samplers, Nuance's streamlined and intuitive approach will boost your productivity and inspire you to create new sounds - fast.


Nuance excels as both an instrument and drum sampler, providing an all-in-one solution for all your essential sampling needs.

With the powerful Map Editor and unlimited Parameter Groups, Nuance offers all the tools necessary to create high-fidelity multi-instruments, key split setups and rich layered sounds.

For drums, simply pop open the Pad View. Kits can be quickly constructed via drag and drop, and with multiple layers per-pad, its easy to sculpt floor-shaking kicks and mix-piercing snares.



At Nuance's core is a 128 voice, 32bit, true-stereo sample playback engine, with unlimited parameter groups and state-of-the-art interpolation for pristine sound quality.

With full SSE optimisation and a small memory footprint, Nuance´s ultra-efficient engine is designed to be plugged into your host again and again, with lightning-fast instantiation and loading times.


First and foremost an expressive instrument, Nuance features a range of playability features such as analog-style monophonic glide, and various envelope modes: One Shot, AHD and AHDSR.

The Unison Voice system allows up to 8 parallel voices to be created with each note. In addition to traditional unison de-tuning and panning, Nuance´s unique Unison modulation feature enables spreading of any modulation target across the unison voices. Never before has it been so easy to transform simple waveforms into thick and wide textures, leads and pads.


Setting up loops is a breeze thanks to automatic snap to zero-crossings, and the loop crossfade feature is at hand to correct troublesome loop ranges.

Four loop modes are available, including forward/reverse, as well as loop modulation.


The powerful FX section features 4 x FX slots, and a choice of 11 high-quality algorithms, including analog modelled filters, dynamics processing, and a suite of texturising effects, such as BitDepth and Frequency Shifting. To put it short, anything from subtle colourisation to extreme sonic transformation is possible.


The Modulation Matrix is an integral part of the core sound engine and all modulators run at audio rate for a distinctive analog quality.

In addition to standard MIDI sources such as Velocity, PitchBend and ModWheel, Nuances' internal sources include 2 x Modulation Envelopes, 2 x morphable LFO's and a Polyphonic Randomiser.


With the comprehensive Sample Map Editor, the depth and power to build advanced instruments is waiting to be explored. Featuring unlimited key and velocity zones, plus a range of expert properties (such as zone fade out) the tools to fine-adjust your patches are there when you need them.

With smooth zooming, multiple zone editing and drag and drop of multiple samples, the map editor is quick and easy to use and won't break your creative flow.


The Integrated File Browser enables quick and easy navigation of your patches and samples, and includes fast navigation of Favourite Folder´s and in-place sample preview.

In addition to the high-speed .nu file format, Nuance supports .wav and .aiff and the industry standard .sfz format. For ultimate portability and data-integrity, Nuance can also read and write monolithic patches with embedded samples.


Nuance is ready for host automation without any additional setup. MIDI controllers can be assigned to any automatable parameter with the Assignment Manager, and configurations for your different devices can be stored and recalled with the Template feature.


Nuance 2.0 is a major update featuring various workflow and engine enhancements...


The new Table Sequencers allow rythmic, tempo-synced modulation of any modulation target, while the XY Pad provides a powerful link between the Assignment Manager and the Modulation Matrix.

Furthermore, we've added both an additional Modulation Envelope and an additional LFO.


Assigning modulation is now quicker and easier than ever courtesy of Modulator Drag and Drop.

Modulators can be dropped either onto the Modulation Matrix or direct onto target parameters.


The new User Samples Database allows you to organise and access your entire sample library within Nuance.

Featuring a fully customisable tag scheme, bulk editing of tags, instantaneous text search, plus support for multiple folders and drives, Nuance 2.0 provides the definitive solution for managing all your sample content.


Cycle Groups allow 'Round Robin' behaviour across layered Groups, allowing enhanced realism in your instrument patches and organic variations in your drum hits.


Group and Layer multi-selection allows convenient bulk editing of any parameter across multiple Groups.

Various other workflow improvements have been made to the Group Manager, including Pad and Group Copy and Paste, and improved drag and drop support.


Assignment Shortcuts now allow quick in-place access to MIDI learn and Host Automation assignment.


In addition to the existing SFZ Import, Nuance 2.0 can now also write SFZ files. Simply choose the Export SFZ option to export any patch.


Nuance 2.0 adds two new polyphonic FX modules: Chorus and FM.


You can now drag samples from the File Browser and Database to your host or other apps (host support dependent).


  • Ultra-efficient 32bit stereo sampling engine
  • OneShot, AHD and AHDSR envelopes
  • Various loop modes
    • Forward, forward-back, loop crossfade
    • To Release, To End
  • Unlimited Groups
  • Unlimited key and velocity zones
  • 8 x stereo outputs


  • 128 max polyphony
  • Unison voice system
    • Up to 8 voices per MIDI note
    • Freely assignable Unison Spread
  • 8 x Choke Groups
  • 8 x Cycle Groups
  • Monophonic legato glide mode


  • Modulation Matrix with unlimited assignments, per Group
  • PitchBend, ModWheel and Velocity MIDI sources
  • 3 x modulation envelopes
  • 3 x morphable, tempo-syncable LFOs
  • 3 x tempo-synced step-sequencers
  • 2 x polyphonic randomisers
  • Unison Spread Source
  • 25 x modulation targets
    • Includes loop length, all FX units and modulation feedback


  • 4 x polyphonic FX slots, per Group
  • 13 FX algorithms
    • Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass, Notch
    • LP24, HP24
    • Shape (compression and drive)
    • AM, FM
    • Chorus
    • Frequency Shifter
    • SampleRate
    • BitDepth


  • Native NU format
    • High-speed file format
    • Optional sample embedding
  • WAV and AIFF
  • Vice .VI files
  • Logic EXS24
  • .SFZ


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Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

"Nuance more than lives up to its joyous promise of being quick, capable and fun." - Computer Music (version 1 review)

Tech Specs

Product Type:

Virtual Instrument


  • Stand alone

Product Specs:

Window Vista or above

    • Standalone (ASIO)
    • VST (32 bit | 64 bit)

OSX 10.7 or above

    • Standalone (Core Audio)
    • AU (32 bit | 64 bit)
    • VST (64 bit)