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An open canvas for your favourite instruments and effects

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Freestyle offers a fresh approach to plugin hosting. Forget fiddly menus, and unnecessary constraints such as tracks, busses and inserts.

Quickly build splits, layers and FX chains in the Rack View, or dive into the Structure View for endless routing possibilities, frequency splitting and crossfading.

Run as either a standalone for live performance, or a VST/AU to boost your DAW with flexibilty and inspiration.

Transform your laptop into a powerful live rig.

Map multiple instruments across your keyboard, perform with Macro Controls, and navigate your set mouse-free with the Snapshots system.



THE RACK - Effortlessly build splits and layers, and create and re-arrange FX chains, all via an intelligent and intuitive drag-and-drop workflow.

STRUCTURE VIEW - Create advanced patches and explore limitless routing possibilities with the powerful Structure View. Sounds complicated? Not at all... Freestyles unique approach to patching works by drag and drop.

PLUGIN BROWSER - Access all your VST instruments and FX with the integrated Plugin Browser. Say goodbye to fiddly menus! Find your plugins by text search or with the Favourites system, and simply drag into the Rack or Structure View.

POWERFUL MACROS - Assign the most important parameters from your rack to Macro Controls for easy access. Quickly assign parameters via the Learn feature, and define advanced Macros with multiple destinations and custom ranges.

PERFORMANCE SNAPSHOTS - Prepare your live performance with the Snapshots feature. Each Snapshot captures the entire state of the rack, including all plugins, splits and mixer settings. Navigate your set list mouse-free, direct from your MIDI keyboard.

GRANITE, NUANCE AND VICE INTEGRATION - Utilising our custom OpenGL-powered graphics technology, Granite, Nuance and Vice integrate seamlessly with Freestyle, resulting in a uniquely fluid and powerful sound design environment. All Factory Content and installed Soundpacks are available within the integrated browser. Plus, Freestyle racks can be saved with all used samples, resulting in a single portable file.

BUILT-IN FX - Freestyle comes with 6 built-in FX units, with more to follow in future updates.

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