Overloud Dusty Racks Vol 2 Rematrix Library

Studio reverbs from the '80s and '90s classics

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Overloud Dusty Racks Vol 2 for ReMatrix offers a huge number of reverb processors created in the ‘80s and ‘90s: this is an invaluable collection if you're looking to achieve unique and interesting sounds for your tracks.

Dusty Racks Vol. 2 has been created by capturing 6 of the most unique units:

  • Yamaha REV500* (92 IRs)

  • Alesis Midiverb* II (43 IRs)

  • Lexicon 300* (129 IRs)

  • Pioneer SR-101* (9 IRs)

  • Roland DEP-3* (39 IRs)

  • Korg DRV2000* (38 IRs)

IRs have been recorded using Neve and SSL preamps, and carefully edited all of the impulses to ensure they were consistent throughout the entire library.

A collection of 350 IRs and 207 individual presets

The presets have been created during real mix studio sessions with a particular focus on vocals, keyboards, synth, drums as well as acoustic instruments.

The impulses are divided into two banks: one bank made with single IR presets, designed to replicate the original vibe, and a second multi-layer bank where the presets combine two or more IRs from different units layered together, extending the tonal palette and creating some really unprecedented reverb spaces.

Overloud REmatrix Player takes the best of REmatrix, multilayer convolution reverb into a FREE plugin.

REmatrix Player is a free convolution reverb, based on the award winning REmatrix technology, and included with any REmatrix library. It allows you to import the impulse responses and presets of any REmatrix library and take advantage of basic editing capabilities, such as tweaking the levels of the 5 layers.

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