Overloud TAF Summer Sunshine TH-U Rig Library

24 Rigs + 34 Patches from TheAmpFactory collection of rare amplifiers!

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Overloud TAF Summer Sunshine TH-U Rig Library for Overloud TH-U guitar amp software is created by the legendary sound designer TheAmpFactory and is based on the Orange Tree Studios collection of rare amplifiers.

This library contains 24 Rigs and 34 patches captured from the following 17 amplifiers:

  • Divided By 13 BTR
  • ToneKing Gremlin
  • RedPlate BluesLine
  • Fender 1959 Bassman
  • Fender 1962 Deluxe
  • Fender Concert 1963
  • Fender Bandmaster 1964
  • Fender Twin 1964
  • Fender TweedPro 1958
  • Fender Super 1961
  • Fender VibroVerb 1964
  • Fender 1976 Bassman 100 head
  • Cornell Romany Plus
  • 65Amps Nashville
  • Supro Model T
  • WEM Dominator
  • Zen Blue

Overloud's Capturing Technology

TH-U is the first amp simulator to include both amp modeling and amp capturing technologies.

These Rig Models are created from real setups! Overloud's proprietary technology captures the response of an entire rig, including the nonlinear and dynamic response of the amplifier, the cabinet, the microphones, the mic preamplifier and the room sound.

The Rig Player, integrated into TH-U, reproduces every nuance of the sampled rigs and can combine the models of different setups.

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System Requirements 

Requires one of the following:

  • TH-U Full
  • TH-U Rock
  • TH-U Metal
  • TH-U Funk and R&B
  • TH-U Slate Edition