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Boost your scores with Symphobia 4's adaptive orchestral transitions and effects

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Give your action, sci-fi, and horror scores a blockbuster boost with the fourth volume in ProjectSAM’s acclaimed Symphobia Series. ProjectSAM S4 Pandora virtual instrument for the free Kontakt Player, lets you summon rousing cinematic risers, foreboding falls, and earth-shattering crescendos with unmatched ease and flexibility.

S4 Pandora’s innovative Adaptive Sync quickly and effortlessly matches its huge library of articulations and effects with your sequence – so your next deadline needn’t be a nightmare. Plus, fully customizable sound design tools help you quickly sculpt your desired timbres.

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Introducing S4 Pandora's Adaptive Sync

Pre-recorded crescendos and rolls sound great. But they used to have a disadvantage: they were not very flexible. Any composer will recognize the trial-and-error process of nudging a crescendo note around until it ends in the right spot. It’s a tedious task that most of us would rather skip if we could. This is why ProjectSAM developed Adaptive Sync!

Symphobia 4: Pandora is packed with transitional samples – sounds that progress dynamically or directionally over time – ranging from powerful brass crescendos to dissonant string risers. These samples all have one thing in common: a distinct, musical ending or climax.

With Adaptive-Sync, you can simply set the number of beats or seconds you need the crescendo, roll or riser to be. Tapping from a vast pool, Adaptive-Sync automatically picks the best matching recording from its database and intelligently adjusts it to match your hit point EXACTLY. Similarly, you can very quickly time a crescendo or roll with the next downbeat*. If you move a note backwards or forward, the engine will automatically switch to a better matching recording if needed. If you change your track's tempo, Adaptive-Sync will adjust accordingly.

ProjectSAM Symphobia 4 Pandora Features 

  • Effortlessly sync risers, rolls & crescendos to your sequence with Adaptive Sync.
  • Over 140 GB of orchestral ensemble recordings covering strings, brass, woodwinds & percussion.
  • Generate thrilling scores with powerful, fully customizable sound design tools.

New Features for 1.0.6 

  • 70+ New Snapshots
  • New Combos
  • Sound Design Mode for Tonal Instruments
  • Sync to Downbeat offset in beats
  • Adaptive Sync musical timing toggle
  • Faster loading times and lower CPU usage
  • Numerous behavioural improvements & fixes

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ProjectSAM Symphobia 4: Pandora review – A first look

It’s here! ProjectSAM’s Symphobia 4: Pandora is available now to take your musical expression to new levels with rousing orchestral effects and blockbuster-quality cinematic sampling. It’s an exciting addition to ProjectSAM’s Symphobia line, so we wanted to take a moment to dive into Pandora, introduce you to some of its new features and share the hottest new elements of ProjectSAM’s latest Kontakt library.

ProjectSAM Symphobia 4 Pandora: the latest in a world leading collection of cinematic sample libraries

For almost 20 years, virtual instrument and sample library manufacturer, ProjectSAM, has been a leading name in the world of orchestral sampling. Their mission is to create the warmest cinematic sounds possible for TV, film and gaming composers to access playing techniques, instrument combos and cinematic effects that you won’t find anywhere else. From the get-go ProjectSAMmade a name for themselves with their signature multi-mic recording setups, a technique that wasn’t being used in sampling much around the time.

Over the years we’ve seen the release of great Kontakt libraries such as the Orchestral Essential series, True Strike, and Swing. But at the heart of their collection, lies the Symphobia series. And this week, ProjectSAM announced the exciting release of their fourth addition to the line – Symphobia 4 Pandora. Here we’ll take  an in-depth look at Pandora, covering some of the new features and providing a general first impression. Enjoy!


Symphobia 4 Pandora’s Orchestral Effects

Let’s first discuss the focus point of S4 Pandora: orchestral effects. The library features a hugely detailed collection of every orchestral effect in the book, plus way more - risers, falls, pulses, clusters and swells to name a few! This makes Pandora a very strong orchestral tool; these decorative effects can be applied to any project that feels like it’s lacking excitement and instantly bring excitement and movement.

Layering on the fly with the Combo’s feature

The effects are covered across strings, woodwind, brass, piano and percussion, and thanks to Pandora’s Combos feature you’re able to layer sections of the orchestra together whilst having individual controls for each on one page. Perfect to manipulate the sound easily on the fly. Combos are one of the seven instrument folders that can be found inside Pandora’s Kontakt Library structure, the rest of which can be seen on the left-hand side of the GUI shot below. These folders will make more sense as I run through the interface and will each be discussed in detail when I get to the necessary section. Now let’s dive into the interface and take a closer look at some of the new features!

ProjectSAM Symphobia 4 GUI shot

Our favourite new features of S4 Pandora

As you can see the interface is divided into 4 modules; though some of these are known as ‘variable modules’ which means their function will change depending on the selected instrument; the first module on the left is a good example of this. The instrument loaded up in the screenshot above features a string crescendo, which takes advantage of one of the most exciting features included in Pandora: Adaptive Sync.

Easy Quantisation with Adaptive Sync

Adaptive Sync allows effects such as crescendos, rolls and risers to easily quantise and sync to a specified number of bars, beats or seconds. It also ensures that the most exciting moment of the effect (known as a ‘hit point’) happens exactly where you want it. What is most impressive about this feature is that ProjectSAM have recorded all the samples at various tempos so the technology will intelligently select the closest sample to match your tempo, this means there are no low quality time-stretched samples (although this is also an option if desired and can be useful for creating some interesting stretched sound design textures).

Adaptive Sync meets the needs of composers who are often on very tight time schedules and spend too long moving these effects around manually. As I mentioned earlier, this module is variable depending on the selected instrument so if we were to change to a new patch, Cluster Pulses, the interface will change accordingly as below.

ProjectSAM Symphobia 4 Cluster Pulses GUI

Add drive and tension with Cluster Pulses

Cluster Pulses are another key feature that make S4 Pandora unique. These are a collection of rhythmic, looped patterns for strings, brass and woodwinds that take advantage of the Articulation module. Each note you play on the keyboard will produce a different repetitive cluster of notes which can very quickly add drive and tension to a static sounding piece. Keyswitches come in very handy here as you can use them to switch note lengths whilst you play, this means you’re able to play long varying sequences without having to stop and start all the time.

Manipulate samples in Sound Design Mode

Sound Design Mode is another feature you can access in this module. It displays a waveform of the current sample and allows you to manipulate it in a variety of ways including looping, reverse and sample start position. On top of these modules I’ve mentioned, there are even further editing possibilities within the expanded view which can be accessed via the expand icons in the top right corner of certain modules. See below an expanded view of the far left module, offering further controls for adaptive sync, articulation and dynamics.

ProjectSAM Symphobia 4 Pandora Expanded View GUI

Reviewing Pandora’s Microphone Channels and Audio Quality

ProjectSAM have once again applied their excellent multi-microphone recording techniques to Pandora. There is individual gain control and toggle buttons for 5 different microphone sets: Close, Stage, Far, Wide and Mix Mic which is a prepared mixdown of the first four microphones. This leads me on to the audio quality... Due to the advanced recording technology available today, we’d expect this library to offer the highest quality samples... which of course it does. But the multi-mic setup takes this a step further. You’re able to really shape the sound of the patches - particularly useful in Combos where you can  choose which sets of instruments you want to sound close up and others that you want further away in the mix.

Symphobia 4 Pandora’s Effects & Control Modules 

The effects module in Pandora features a selection of real-time effects available within all patches. This is another variable module which will change to either percussion layers, synth layers or sub sweeteners depending on the instrument and when in Sound Design Mode, will offer a dedicated time-stretch control. Similarly to the first module, users are able to expand this module and find all necessary parameters for the on-board effects which include reverb, delay, stutter, EQ, limiter, filter, screamer and a pitch envelope so plenty of modulation can be applied on each patch.

The final module features basic amplitude envelope controls and some quick toggles that perform functions such as octave shifting, octave layering and fixed velocity but once again, this module can be expanded to offer a more in-depth set of controls. See the expanded view of both modules below!

ProjectSAM Symphobia 4 Pandora Effects GUIProjectSAM Symphobia 4 Pandora Control Settings GUI

What about the Library Info and Presets?

Symphobia 4 Pandora runs within Native Instrument’s Kontakt sampler version 6.1 or higher and will work in both the full version, and free Kontakt Player. It comes fully equipped with NKS compatibility, allowing users to control a huge range of parameters from their Komplete Kontrol keyboards.

The uncompressed audio pool size comes to around 140GB which is spread across 150 presets, but these don’t sound like your average orchestral presets. It is clear that the ProjectSAM team have spent a lot of time ensuring that each one is optimised for performance, as well as providing enough controls for them to be deeply customised.

ProjectSAM Symphobia 4 Pandora: Our verdict

There seems to be a certain level of expectation when a new ProjectSAM title is announced, due to their strong history of previous releases and, once again, the team have exceeded these expectations. Symphobia 4 Pandora is an all-round essential orchestral tool that we’re certain will bring completely new textures to composers and sound designers alike. To see the library in action, take a look at some of these great videos from ProjectSAM that showcase Pandora’s new features!

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Symphobia 4: Pandora offers a vast selection of big & bold, playable ensemble articulations, ranging from cellos and basses to a massive 30-player low-range Tutti Orchestra. For all crescendos and swells in there, Adaptive Sync is ready to assist.

The articulations have all been selected and recorded to add unprecedented oomph to your existing orchestral template. Symphobia 4: Pandora is the ultimate cinematic finishing touch.

A selection of the instruments offers exciting, optional sound layers that can be mixed in with the main articulation on- the-fly. For example, the Tutti Orchestra crescendo instrument displays controls for quickly adding gran cassa, timpani and cymbal rolls. Similarly, you can quickly add a sub sweetener to the bass drum and tutti percussion instruments.

The Symphobia Series has always been THE go-to place for orchestral effects. For Pandora, many a bone was chilled during the effects sessions. The library packs more orchestrated effects than ever, ranging from eerie violin textures to loud brass stabs. And with Adaptive Sync and Sound Design Mode, the recorded effects are now more flexible and customisable than ever. For thriller, horror and sci-fi scoring, Symphobia 4: Pandora is an absolute must-have.

Pandora's dedicated Effects Module in combination with its Sound Design Mode gives you the power to turn any orchestral sound completely upside down, creating dark soundscapes and ominous textures utilising the synchronised stutter, pitch envelope and other tailored effects.


Clicking the triangle icon activates Sound Design Mode. This allows you to directly manipulate a selection of the mapped samples and highly customize your preset using the waveform control. You can jump-start sample positions, reverse playback, reverse sync to downbeat, time-stretch and more. These features are available even for instruments that use disk streaming by default. We keep building on the foundation of Sound Design Mode in future library updates**.

Clicking the triangle icon again instantly takes you back to the safety of Orchestral Mode.


Cluster Pulses are idiomatic note combinations that add INSTANT CINEMATIC DRIVE to your track. Each key holds a different recorded cluster of notes for the strings, brass and woodwind sections. For each pulse, a matching crescendo and staccato crescendo phrase is available. These work great as intros and outros, particularly when combined with Pandora's Adaptive Sync crescendos and rolls.

Tonal Pulses are available for low and mid strings, performed in octaves and in unison, respectively. The Tonal Pulses offer additional, synchronised synth layers that can be mixed in with the orchestral pulse on-the-fly.

All pulses have been recorded in 4ths, 8ths and 16ths repetitions. The Pandora interface allows you to switch mid- pattern, with synchronisation completely intact.



No cinematic library is complete without a solid collection of tension-building string risers. For Pandora, multiple recording sessions were dedicated solely to this, covering risers lengths 2 to 15 seconds in different playing techniques and dynamic arcs, including arco, accelerating staccatos, harmonics and sul ponticello tremolo. Here too, matching up the risers with your sequence is a breeze using Adaptive Sync.

You can use the orchestral risers in their original form, or give them the TRAILER TREATMENT by adding an idiomatic, accelerating stutter effect and some saturation using Pandora’s Effects Module. A number of Snapshots are included as inspiring examples. Pandora also includes a set of suspenseful string DOWNERS.



Combining the library's individual articulations, effects, pulses and percussion, Pandora’s Combos hold some of the biggest orchestral ensembles you’ve heard yet. All elements inside a Combo are able to directly communicate with one another, allowing for musical wizardry such as the on-the-fly aligning of a col legno hit to a brass crescendo climax. Or a big tutti diminuendo at the end of a riser.

Combos featuring multiple Adaptive Sync instruments offer the option to link their sync settings. This allows you to set the length and timing of the entire ensemble with a single set of controls.







  • Big Builder
  • Braaaaam
  • Bursts
  • Cluster Swell Ghouls & Ghosts
  • Growl Master
  • Haunted Swell
  • Introfier
  • Mad Monsters
  • Outrunning Time
  • P for Pandora
  • Restless Risers
  • Scare Tactics
  • Tonal Pulses
  • Trailer Risers
  • Triple Crescendo
  • Whirlwinds


  • Brass - Horns - Bending Note Cresc [Sync]
  • Brass - Horns - Bending Note Swell [Sync]
  • Brass - Horns - Effects Collection
  • Brass - Horns & Bones - Effects Collection
  • Brass - Horns & Bones - Suspense Bends Muted [Sync] Brass - Horns & Bones - Suspense Bends Open [Sync] Brass - Low Ensemble - Growl [Sync]
  • Brass - Low Ensemble Wide - Effects Collection Brass - Trumpets - Rep - Sus
  • Brass - Trumpets - Wild Textures
  • Piano - Effects Collection
  • Brass - Trumpets - Open - Cresc
  • Brass - Trumpets - Open - Rep Strings - Mid
  • Winds - High
  • Tonal Pulses - Strings - Low
  • Tonal Pulses - Strings - Mid


  • String Risers - Accel Stac [Sync]
  • String Risers - Arco [Sync]
  • String Risers - Harmonics [Sync]
  • String Risers - Sul Pont Trem [Sync]
  • String Risers - Trem [Sync]
  • String Downers - Collection [Sync]


  • Cinematic Drums - Hits & Rolls [Sync]
  • Cinematic Drums - Only Hits
  • Cinematic Drums - Only Rolls [Sync]
  • Cymbal Ensemble - Effects Collection
  • Cymbal Ensemble - Hits & Rolls [Sync]
  • Cymbal Ensemble - Only Hits
  • Cymbal Ensemble - Only Rolls [Sync]
  • Gran Cassa - Hard - Hits & Rolls [Sync]
  • Gran Cassa - Hard - Only Hits
  • Gran Cassa - Hard - Only Rolls [Sync]
  • Gran Cassa - Soft - Hits & Rolls [Sync]
  • Gran Cassa - Soft - Only Hits
  • Gran Cassa - Soft - Only Rolls [Sync]
  • Tamtam - Hits & Rolls [Sync]
  • Tamtam - Only Hits
  • Tamtam - Only Rolls [Sync]
  • Timpani - Effects Collection
  • Timpani - Effects Rolls [Sync]
  • Timpani - Hits & Rolls [Sync]
  • Timpani - Only Hits
  • Timpani - Only Rolls [Sync]
  • Timpani - Sus Roll
  • Toms Ensemble - Hits & Rolls [Sync]
  • Toms Ensemble - Only Hits
  • Toms Ensemble - Only Rolls [Sync]
  • Tutti Percussion - All - Rolls [Sync]
  • Tutti Percussion - All - Rolls Damp [Sync]
  • Tutti Percussion - All Drums - Hits [Sync]
  • Tutti Percussion - All Drums - Rolls [Sync]
  • Tutti Percussion - Timp GC - Rolls [Sync]
  • Tutti Percussion - Timp GC Cym - Rolls Damp [Sync]
  • Tutti Percussion - Timp GC Cym - Rolls Ring [Sync]
  • Recording location: Concert hall
  • Mic positions: 4 individual mic channels + pre-mixed mic Audio pool size: 140 GB (uncompressed)
  • Download size: 74 GB
  • Audio format: 48 kHz 24 bit
  • NKS support: Yes
  • Current library version: 1.0.5
  • Protection: Serial number activation

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Customer Reviews

Press Quotes

"Pandora does a fantastic job of covering almost any base that someone composing for action, horror or sci fi might need. All the touchstones are there in terms of hits, rises, swells, sequences, tones and textures. The addition of Adaptive Sync means that tempo matching is no longer really an issue, and you’ll quickly wonder how you ever lived without it." - AskAudio

"There seems to be a certain level of expectation when a new ProjectSAM title is announced, due to their strong history of previous releases and, once again, the team have exceeded these expectations. [...] an all-round essential orchestral tool that we’re certain will bring completely new textures to composers and sound designers alike." Read our first look review in full

"Pandora delivers the same 5-Star quality orchestral sample sonics that the developer is known for. Just a few minutes into checking out the library and the quality of the sample set is proven to stand up to its Symphobia brethren. When I first heard of the instrument I questioned its usefulness. Don’t dismiss this library as “just aleatoric,” as Pandora packs sync controls, pulses, and sound design options that allow for vast amounts of flexibility." - Sample library review Read the full review here 

"This is a great addition to existing orchestral content, especially if you want great sounding horror and action soundtracks, that is quick and easy to use. The timing elements are really good, and highly effective." - Dave Gale (MusicTech)

Tech Specs

Product Type:

Virtual Instrument


  • Kontakt library

Product Specs:

System Requirements 

Pandora fully supports the Native Kontrol Standard (NKS), offering Light Guide, Native Database and direct control of almost all of the Pandora's on-screen parameters from Native Instrument's awesome Komplete Kontrol keyboard series.

  • Kontakt version: 6.1
  • Kontakt Player: Yes
  • Minimum CPU: i5
  • Minimum RAM: 6 GB (12 GB recommended)
  • Mac: macOS 10.12 or higher
  • Windows: 7 or higher