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Delving deeper into the world of big band, jazz and film scoring

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From the early years of animation to the gritty scenes of film noir, big band and jazz have a long tradition in film music. As much as we love the sound of the symphony orchestra, it tells only one part of the story. With the original Swing!, ProjectSAM took a first step in exploring the world of jazz and film scoring. Now, it is time to delve deeper.

There's never been more instruments packed into a single library from ProjectSAM: solo saxes, jazzy clarinet, full big band chords, drums, basses, jazz guitar, piano, strings, vibraphone, small percussion - 100% new content, all blending perfectly. Meet the other film orchestra.


  • Extensively sampled big band instruments
  • Multiple legato modes available
  • Big band chords featuring 12 chords per key + inversions
  • Powerful new rhythm section
  • All instruments played by jazz veterans
  • Inspiring Multis
  • NKS support featuring Light Guide and KK control
  • Up to 3 mic channels
  • Easy output routing of mic channels
  • 120,000+ sample pool
  • 80+ GB uncompressed size (40 GB compressed NCW format)


    ProjectSAM has also developed a series of tutorial videos on scoring for difference themes and genres. Click on the image below to check some of them out, including tutorials using ProjectSAM instruments such as Symphobia, Lumina, Swing! and Orchestral Essentials.


      With a shared library concept, recording location and interface, Swing! and Swing More! complement one another perfectly. Swing More! is twice the size of Swing! and has twice the detail in articulations, but both libraries offer 100% unique content with zero sample overlap. So what sets both libraries apart? If you have to choose between both volumes, the following overview shows you the most important differences.

      Looking for.....                   

      • Extensive set of big band chords? Swing More!
      • Playable big band tutti ensembles? Swing!
      • Jazzy strings? Swing More!
      • Swing piano? Swing More!
      • Jazzy vibraphone? Swing More!
      • Legato trumpet section? Swing More!
      • Muted trumpets? Swing!
      • Solo legato trumpets? Swing!
      • Solo legato saxophones? Swing More!
      • Saxophone tutti ensemble? Swing!
      • Drums with sticks? Swing More!
      • Drums with brushes? Swing!
      • Jazz guitar? Swing More!
      • Electric & fretless bass? Swing More!
      • Upright bass? Swing!
      • Acoustic guitar, manouche guitar? Swing!
      • Lapsteel, pedal steel? Swing!
      • Banjo, mandolin, ukelele? Swing More!
      • Accordeon, harmonica? Swing


      • 80.0 GB audio pool (actual recordings)
      • 40.0 GB on disk (compressed Kontakt format on disk)
      • 44.1 kHz 24 bit audio format
      • Library version download: 1.0

      Compatibility notes:

      • Not compatible with OS X 10.8 or lower   
      • Not compatible with Windows XP or Vista   
      • Not compatible with Kontakt 4   
      • Not compatible with RTAS 


      Full Big Band Chords

      • Pre-arranged chords perf. by full big band
      • 12 chord types per key, from major to minmaj7(9)
      • 4 or more inversions
      • Sustain and staccato

      Trombone Chords

      • Pre-arranged chords perf. by 3 trombones
      • 12 chord types per key, from major to minmaj7(9)
      • 4 or more inversions
      • Sustain, staccato and fall

      Solo Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Baritone Sax

      • Over 13 polyphonic articulations for each sax
      • Instrument-specific falls, bends and slurs
      • Multiple vibrato types
      • Multiple legato types
      • Tempo sync "Duh-dab" for  baritone sax

      Jazzy clarinet

      • Over 13 polyphonic articulations
      • Genre-specific bends
      • Multiple vibrato types
      • Multiple legato types

      Trumpet Section (3 players)

      • Over 8 polyphonic articulations
      • Multiple vibrato types
      • Legato

      Tenor Trombone & Bass Trombone

      • Over 10 polyphonic articulations
      • Multiple vibrato types
      • Multiple legato types (tenor only)

      Jazzy Guitar

      • Long, short and muted single notes
      • Instrument-specific slides
      • Single strums: maj, min7, dom7, dim7
      • Tempo sync grooves and phrases
      • Octaves bonus patch

      Bass Guitar Fretted & Fretless

      • Long, short and muted
      • Glissando effects
      • Slide up/down (fretless only)


      • Single notes and slides
      • Single strums: maj, min, dom7, dim
      • Tempo sync groove


      • Single notes and slides
      • Single strums: maj, min, dom7, dim
      • Tremolo


      • Single notes, falls, slides & triplets

      Big Band Drum Kit

      • Deeply sampled big band drum kit
      • Extensive set of tempo sync grooves and breaks
      • Crazy endings bonus patch

      Bongos & Congas

      Small Percussion

      • Shakers, maracas & cabasa
      • Cowbell
      • Wind chimes
      • Finger snaps


      • Authentic, jazzy sounding vibraphone
      • Single notes short and sustained
      • Tremolo
      • Octave runs
      • Optional motor effect


      • Deeply sampled grand piano
      • "Swing" and "Concert" mic options
      • Controllable pedal release effect

      4 Violins

      • Arco long, tremolo & staccato polyphonic
      • Arco long & tremolo legato

      Celli & Basses

      • Arco long, tremolo, stac & pizz polyphonic
      • Arco legato
      • Jazzy pizzicato

      Women Vocals

      • "Ooh" and "mmm" polyphonic
      • "Ooh" and "mmm" legato

      16 Inspiring Multis

      "Damn, ProjectSAM gets this sh*t right. Swing More! is insane. No one else comes close to capturing the Big Band/Swing sound like these guys. What was previously unattainable is all in here"
      - John Debney (The Jungle Book, Iron Man 2)

      This product works with the free Kontakt Player – a free sample player based on Kontakt 5 that runs all Native Instruments’ KONTAKT instruments, as well as third-party products made for the platform.

      You can download the Kontakt Player via this link (will take you to Native Instruments website)

      Instruments made for Kontakt Player will also run in the full (paid for) version of Kontakt.

      Please click on the link below to view the download and install guide for this product.

      Customer Reviews

      Press Quotes

      "It's simply not possible to 100% faithfully 'virtualise' the attitude and dynamism of a real big band (the 'everyone in the room together' factor), but this is as close as it's currently possibe to get. Immense." - Computer Music (Rating 9/10)

      "The overall content is great; the various sections blend together very naturally, and I recommend listening to the excellent demos on the ProjectSAM website as proof of concept." - Sound On Sound

      Tech Specs

      Product Type:

      Virtual Instrument


      • Kontakt library

      Product Specs:

      System Requirements
      • Requires Kontakt 5.6 or the free Kontakt Player 5.6 or higher
      • Mac: OS X 10.9 or higher
      • Windows: 7 or higher
      • Minimum CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo
      • Minimum RAM: 8 GB (light use)
      • Recommended RAM: 16 GB (serious use)
      • Supported plug-in interfaces: Stand-alone, VST, AU, AAX
      • Works with Kontakt (full version) and Kontakt Player (free version)

      Compatibility notes:

      • Not compatible with OS X 10.8 or lower   
      • Not compatible with Windows XP or Vista   
      • Not compatible with Kontakt 4   
      • Not compatible with RTAS