QUp Arts Voices of Native America Vol 2

Superbly recorded and performed Native American sounds

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The saga continues, more superbly recorded and performed Native American sounds, flute melodies, tribal drums, voices, all real, all indigenous. Use with respect.

The most widely anticipated sequel in the history of sampled sounds. Sample producers Douglas Spotted Eagle and Doug Morton have teamed up again. The first volume set a new standard for producers of sample libraries. Volume 2 focuses more on componentized loops and rhythms of Native America. Instruments include deer toe shakers, Taos Drums, Social Drums, and shakers. More flute phrases, single hit big drums and vocals are also included.

Produced by Douglas Morton & Douglas Spotted Eagle.

Content includes:

Flute Motifs and phrases

  • Redwood Buffalo Flute
  • Redwood Eagle Flute
  • Small Native American Flute
  • Steward Flute
  • Gun barrel Flute
  • Native American Echo Flute
  • Native American Low Echo Flute 1
  • Native American Low Echo Flute 2
  • Native American Low Flute

Play combinations – single hit playable combinations of single hits.

  • Native American Producer 1
  • Native American Producer 2
  • Native American Producer 3
  • Native American Producer 4

Loop Combinations – features an assortment of time locked loops and phrases.

  • Native CrowHop Weemmaratega 83bpm
  • Native Little One Teetich 83BPM
  • Native Nightfall Tabbeywik 93BPM
  • Native Nightsong Hobeea 68BPM
  • Native SneakUp Gittantmeah 68BPM
  • Native Stars Tachenump 93BPM
  • Native War Cry Cavavinto 108BPM
  • Native Warrior Tohoqashaw 68BPM

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Sample Library


  • Aiff
  • Exs24
  • Kontakt files

Product Specs:

  • 44k sample rate
  • 16 bit