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Entirely new modular virtual synth standard

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Buchla and Moog started it all with their modular synthesizers in the 1960s. Doepfer made it affordable in the 1990s by introducing the Eurorack standard. Today, the Modular plug-in from Softube makes the modular synthesizer truly accessible to everyone.

Created in close collaboration with Doepfer, Softube Modular gives you both the sound, flexibility and expandability of a true analog modular synthesizer. But Softube Modular is more than just another virtual synthesizer plug-in—it's an entirely new modular synth standard.


  • Modular is a cross-platform modular synthesizer plug-in standard, which features authorized emulations of modules from well known hardware Eurorack brands
  • True dynamic circuit-emulation—looks, functions and sounds like its hardware counterparts
  • Basic system contains six Doepfer modules (A-110-1 VCO, A-108 VCF, A-132-3 Dual VCA, A-140 ADSR, A-118 Noise/Random, A-147 VCLFO)
  • Basic system also contains over 20 Utility modules (such as MIDI to CV/gate, mixers, slew, sample & hold, switches, multiples, delay, offset, sequencers, clock dividers, logic and signal tools, as well as a Polyphonic MIDI to CV/gate module).
  • Additional authorized emulations from Intellijel is available as add-ons (uFold II, Korgasmatron II, Rubicon). Many more modules from other quality hardware Eurorack vendors to be released
  • Simple design of your own interaction layout with the Performance modules in classic synthesizer style
  • Softube Heartbeat drum channels and EQ can be used as separate modules for owners of Heartbeat
  • More than 200 quality presets included covering a huge range of styles and sounds
  • Can be used both as effect and instrument for your DAW and integrates beautifully with your hardware Eurorack modular
  • High internal sample rate within system enables true feedback



  1. Kabuki - Softube Modular Demosong
  2. Modular EFX Freerun Groove
  3. Rubicon Drone


    As a Modular owner, the basic system gives you a great toolkit to start out with. It includes six modeled Doepfer modules and over 20 utility modules. But there is much more to discover. Additional modules from quality Eurorack vendors—starting with a range of units from cutting-edge manufacturer Intellijel—are available for separate purchase. More modules will continuously be made available.

    Owners of Softube's drum synth Heartbeat can add its instrument and EQ modules to Modular and combine them with any other modules. Softube's award-winning engineering team have modeled each analog module, component by component, and the resulting plug-ins are sonically indistinguishable from their hardware counterparts.

    Welcome Experts—And Beginners

    Experienced Eurorack synth users will be right at home from the start. Modular's workflow is very close to the use of physical Eurorack modular synths. Add modules, connect them using virtual patch cords, adjust their knobs and switches to your heart's desire. Get MIDI connectivity with the MIDI To CV/Gate Converter and add any of the included step sequencers—unless you prefer using your DAW's built-in sequencer, of course.

    To beginners, a modular synthesizer can be daunting at first. But Modular offers a wide range of expertly designed presets, immediately available to be put to use in your music. When you are ready to learn more about patching a Eurorack synth, the manual offers step by step patching tutorials that go hand in hand with the included tutorial presets.

    Both experts and beginners will enjoy the included Performance modules. These give the user a limited set of knobs and buttons that can be freely assigned to control any parameter on any module in the current patch—making creative tweaking on the fly super easy and accessible for inspired studio production and live performances.

    "Softube Modular is a revolutionary virtual modular synthesizer. I finally have a way to patch and experiment on the go with my laptop. So far it's been incredibly fun, and I am looking forward to all the new modules they will add!"
    Richard Devine, Electronic artist and music producer (Warp, Schematic)


    "The Doepfer A-110 VCO emulation for Modular is the most authentic sounding virtual analog oscillator I have heard. And the internal overdrive of the Doepfer A-108 VCF8 filter is amazingly emulated."
    - Pontus Hagberg a.k.a Firechild, Producer and songwriter.


    "Modular is an incredibly exciting concept, it sounds wonderful, and will continue to grow and become more evolved as time passes."
    - Rik Simpson, Record producer, sound engineer and musician


    "Over the years many have tried this concept, but this is finally the game changer I've been waiting for. With real world models familiar to me and patching that works the same way I´m used to, I feel I can have fun and be creative on the go without sacrificing any sound quality."
    - John Tejada, Electronic music artist, music producer, DJ and record label owner


    "Really neat to be able to use a modular in your DAW, both as an instrument and as an effect plugin—to run your audio through it. This thing sounds totally awesome and it has a very hands on feeling using it. You can also never ever run out of VCAs with this modular."
    -Fredrik Mjelle a k a Beem, Electronic artist and music producer

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    "Excellent value, lots of fun, and sonically powerful - a must-buy, especially for those considering entering the modular hardware fray." - Future Music magazine

    "There is no doubt that if you want a modular on a budget, this is an excellent solution, and I cannot overstate how good the Modular sounds." - Music Tech

    "Using it is so much fun that it’s easy to lose track of time. It can be challenging, like any modular synth, but the reward is learning to make sounds you couldn’t otherwise make without spending much, much more on the real thing." -

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    Virtual Instrument

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    AAX DSP, AAX native, RTAS, VST



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    • AAX DSP, AAX native, AU, RTAS, VST